The return of the macrame plant holders, and sudden hype among the youthful crowd bringing back a house full of low light plants is somewhat nostalgic, is it not?  Personally, I am very happy to see the popularity gain movement again, as we all know the benefits to having many plants in the home.

However, what if you live in a flat or home with little natural light?  How could we keep anything alive without at least some direct sunlight?  Or will that one window in your home be packed full of all of your plants?

Luckily, there is a solution to this – low light plants!  There are definitely some house plants that are more than happy with little light, and little attention.  By little attention, I mean that most of these plants do not require even watering every day.  Most plants only want to be watered when their soil has been dried out.  Be sure to read up on your plant when you purchase it.

Here is a list of 5 (of the many) indoor, low light plants that would be happy to live in your dimly lit home.


Madagascar Dragon Tree

5 Indoor Low Light Plants

If you are looking for a hint of the tropical but do not have the light to sustain a small palm, the Madagascar dragon tree is an excellent alternative.  It is a pretty hard plant to kill, and it bounces back from neglect quickly.  It needs a bit of pruning to prevent it from getting too wild, but otherwise requires minimal attention.  Just keep the soil moist and keep it out of the sun.


Split Leaf Philodendron

5 Indoor Low Light Plants














If you love a large, leafy plant, try the split leaf philodendron.  They are starting to pop up in many design blogs and are a gorgeous low-light plant.  You can keep them in almost all levels of light, but not direct sunlight.  Keep their soil damp and their leaves clean from dust and they will be happy and healthy.


Zanzibar Plant


If you would like a plant that you can set and forget, the Zanzibar plant is a great choice.  It is used often in office buildings without much sunlight, however, they are gaining popularity in homes now as well.  Zanzibar plants have shiny, dark green leaves and long, thick stems that can grow quite tall.  They are similar to cacti in that they don’t need much water, but so much easier to look after in terms of light.  Stick one in your darkest corner and watch it thrive!




If you are hoping for something a little smaller than the above mentioned plants, try the begonia.  There are a wide variety of begonias in different leaf colours and shapes.  Make a beeline for a Rex Begonia which does very well in low light conditions.  Ensure it completely dries out between soaking.




Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue as some of you may know it.

5 Indoor Low Light Plants            

If you have tried every other plant on this list and still haven’t had any luck, it is probably time to get a snake plant.  Not only do they look lovely, but they are also one of the hardiest plants you will own, making them ideal for apartments.  You can neglect them for weeks and they still look great.  Bonus, like many other plants, they are very good at purifying the air in your home.

So go ahead and head to your nearest garden nursery and spruce up your home with these easy to care for plants!

Ellie B&T xx