Here is the next project that has arrived on my design bench, a chair makeover! You might not believe it, but this fabulous chair frame is not an antique! The gorgeous wooden frame with beautifully carved floral detail was designed and crafted overseas.  This chair was commissioned by one of my client’s for their bedroom (another project that I am involved with for this clients bedroom – see On my Design Bench’ 8 January 2019.)

Yes, you all know how enamored I am with antiques; how I like to imagine the stories that weathered old items would tell.  However, in this case, I do not mind at all that this piece is so young. It is exciting to be a part of its inception in the world!

Ann Nolan Chair Makeover

Upholstering this chair was no small feat of engineering as well.  The double-piping around the back and arm-rests added a bit of trickiness, but nothing we are not able to handle at Blake & Taylor!  Each seam of fabric is pulled tightly to its resting place beside its wooden counterpart. Want to know our secret? Experience!

The fabric I chose is from Ralph Lauren.  The gorgeous blue/indigo hue and the damask pattern will go perfectly in my client’s Blake & Taylor redesigned bedroom.

I love how the frame and fabric of this chair make it seem as though it has come straight out of the past, while in reality, it is completely brand new.  Call up the movie-makers! We have a chair makeover for your period piece!

If you are looking to have an old or new chair upholstered just email me.  I would love to bring life to whatever item you have in mind.

Ellie B&Txx