My home is my creative playground.  I love imagining new ways I could transform each space.  The stairway was a spot that had irked me for quite a while.

About a year ago my husband and I took a few cans of Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint, expended half a day’s worth of elbow-grease and fixed it right up.  (Would you like to see the results? )

Artwork In Ellie's Home

Left photo Kitchen looking into breakfast room showing Blue & white Stack Painting. Photo to the right Afternoon Mosaic.

The project did not end there of course!  Stairwells are the perfect place for a collage of artwork.  I commissioned the amazing Elizabeth (Liz) Jackson to do up a number of pieces in watercolour for the space.

I loved the results of this commission so much I decided to pepper my whole house with her work!  And, as things go with me, I have been rearranging the paintings over the past year until they have each found their perfect place. At least for now!

Left photo featuring The Plate Collection.  The right photo is Ellie’s lounge room showing Vintage Blue & White.

Always the entrepreneur, I just had to help get Liz’s artworks out there to anyone else who feels inspired to brighten up their space.  So we did the research to produce some amazing ultra-high quality prints!

Each stunning image is printed on high-quality linen paper, and the printing technique makes the comparison between the original painting and print uncanny.

If you are eager to have one in your home or workspace, you may also opt to have the beautiful, original, watercolour print framed or mounted onto a board to save you a trip to the framing store.  Anything to help!

Artwork In Ellie's Home

My Breakfast room. Geranium Window Sill Painting.

Each image is lovingly checked and carefully packaged before being sent to ensure impeccable quality.

Artwork In Ellie's Home

Ellie’s newly renovated guest bedroom.  Potted Ivy Painting.

Send me an image of where you have hung your artwork or prints (if you’ve chosen to hang a few together as I have). I would love to see how they have transformed your space.

Ellie B&Txx