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Bonjour une deuxième fois from Paris!

Ralph Lauren and other Paris Highlights There are 3 things I am excited to share with you this week from my stay in this famous city; one - my lunch at Ralph Lauren, two – Treasure Hunting in Paris, and three – the most lovely and unexpected snowfall. Ralph Lauren is inspiring with a simple theme that you will find in many successful businesses – dedication to detail.  The building that houses this globally loved brand has been restored and maintained with the utmost care and perfection, just like everything that Ralph Lauren touches.  It is a must see when [...]

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Bonjour from Paris!

My tour of Paris in pictures... Bonjour from Paris!  For those of you who have been following my adventures on the blog, My Roman Holiday and A Tour of Rome with Ellie I have shown you all around the fabulous and romantic city of Rome. Next up is Paris, another of our planet's most romantic cities, brimming with history and inspirational detail.  They say an image can express a thousand words, so this week will be short on the verbiage and heavy on photography. I will express, however, that Winter in Paris is so lovely – the trees are all bare and asleep [...]

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A Tour of Rome with Ellie…

My Journey through Rome I am putting on my “travel-guide” hat this week if anyone is up for it.  I know most of you are keen subscribers for the fun design projects and the comings and goings of our Blake & Taylor retail shop.  However, I also have a feeling many of you are keen to travel.  If you are not out there experiencing the world already, perhaps I can sway you to consider the fabulous city of Rome.  This is a city full of delightful detail.  There is inspiration in every nook and every cranny; from window frames to [...]

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My Roman Holiday

Rome is Fascinating Ciao to you all from the fascinating city of Rome!  My love for nostalgia and history expressed through objects is in overdrive.  Everywhere I go I am delighted by another detail, façade or trinket that echoes its story of the past.  From stairwells to storefronts, this city has stories to tell. We are staying in a building that was built in the 17th Century, which still has the original frescos on some of the ceilings.  Can you imagine the human history they have been a part of; the stolen glances, the rousing altercations, the tired travelling families [...]

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Meet the Maker

Soulful Vintage Jewellery with a Cause It is no wonder I am in love with the work of maker and friend Di Fitzpatrick.  She is a kindred spirit in her love and usage of soulful vintage items. Di Fitzpatrick has been making jewellery for my shop since late 2010.  Her bracelets dazzle, her earrings sparkle, and within each piece is a hidden story.  She adds vintage and antique buttons, crystals, glass or pearls to as many pieces as she can.  When you slide that bracelet on to your wrist you can not help but wonder where each element was found and [...]

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Simple Things Can Get You Inspired and Excited

Two-Toned Linen Thread and Other Simple Things... There is a lovely French man who supplies me with the most wonderful natural linen thread.  I use it to knit my washers.  I’ll knit while watching TV, sitting chatting with friends, you might even find me trying to knit as I eat a bowl of soup!  I just love to knit and, as many of you know, I just cannot sit still and do nothing.  So, doing two things at once fulfils my need to feel productive and satisfies that creative itch. My wonderful French man came by the other day with [...]

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A Tiny Christmas Miracle

Nothing says Christmas like the arrival of a brand new baby. Our beautiful Liz Jackson gave birth to her second son, William Taggart, a few weeks ago. Congrats to Liz, Greg and Fred on this exciting new chapter in all of their lives. We are all so excited for Liz who has made her own perfect little family here in Australia and is so happy.  We love you Liz. Our excitement at having this wonderful new addition to our Blake & Taylor team is contagious. These gorgeous pics speak for themselves. Welcome to the world Will! Feel free to leave [...]

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An Early New Year’s Resolution…

WHEN LIFE AND WORK JUST KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY I think we can all relate to the following situation.  You have grand plans for a space in your home.  You might even purchase some of the elements to fulfill this plan and spend a few sleepless nights dreaming of how great it will look once finished.  Then, days, months, (years?) might go by and your life has decided to fill itself up with other tasks.  Or, let's be honest, you let life get in the way. This is a photo of a French-style bronze light fitting that I have [...]

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On My Design Bench: Bay Windows, Roman Blinds and Textured Cushions

Bay Windows, Roman Blinds, and Textured Cushions It is not often  that I like to toot my own horn.  But today I just must share this custom roman blind and window seat installation I have just completed. Bay windows often present a design challenge for home owners.  They are big and beautiful and bright.  The fact that they are anything but 'standard' can be very aesthetically inviting.  When new home shoppers enter a home with a bay window you can imagine the reaction, "oooh's and ahh's" ensue.  After moving in, they deal with early evenings of trying to prepare [...]

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Jane Webster: Dreams Do Come True

In October this year we had the great pleasure to host the lovely Jane Webster in store to launch her new book, French House Chic.  Jane joined us for a chat about all things French, her beautiful life and stunning new book. This is the first time that I had met Jane, yet we were instantly great friends with a lot in common.  Our love of all things French, and taking chances to create a life you love were all topics that propelled our joyous conversation. Backtracking Jane Webster's Experiences In 2005, she did what I think a lot [...]

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