Bay Windows, Roman Blinds, and Textured Cushions

It is not often  that I like to toot my own horn.  But today I just must share this custom roman blind and window seat installation I have just completed.

Bay windows often present a design challenge for home owners.  They are big and beautiful and bright.  The fact that they are anything but ‘standard’ can be very aesthetically inviting.  When new home shoppers enter a home with a bay window you can imagine the reaction, “oooh’s and ahh’s” ensue.  After moving in, they deal with early evenings of trying to prepare dinner while squinting as the light comes pouring in.  Reading a book on their favourite chaise with sunglasses on to dampen the sun’s majestic and piercing glory.  This is all endured because it’s hard to figure out what to do with the space.  What type of blinds to buy?  What other features can bring this window to it’s true glory?

So if this is your problem, or if you are just reading along for the ride, have a look at what I have done with this gorgeous three pane bay window and window seat.

scattered cushions bay windows roman blinds design

European Aesthetic

As many of you know I enjoy drawing from the French and European aesthetic when I design.  I had chosen a variety of European fabrics for this installation which included some wonderful embroidery and chenille features in the designs.   Actually, I was looking for complimentary colours and fabulous textures.  I find that texture is often underrated.  It adds a certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’.  And dit oesn’t get the credit it deserves often enough, especially when perusing images.  However, when you get up close and really enjoy the space in person – texture is everything.

roman blinds blake and taylor bay windows seat design

The window seat cushion had to be crafted to fit the ledge exactly.  Challenge accepted!  I chose to give a hint of continuity from the blinds through to the edging of the cushion.

I love how inviting the space feels with all the pillows.  Perfect to snuggle up with your cat and sip your morning tea. The ideal space is not only beautiful but functional.  With fantastic clean white walls surrounding this window feature, it becomes even more inviting as you enter the space – drawing you in with it’s siren call of comfort.

roman blinds window seat bay windows blake and taylor

These custom projects are what really get me excited.  If you have a space in your home that frustrates you and you just can’t figure out what to do with it, I would be happy to come on in and create some magic for you.

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Ellie B&Txx