5 Holiday Decor Tips

2018-12-04T11:50:36+00:0028 November 2018|Blog|

The holidays are upon us, how exciting!  I just love the hustle and bustle, the thoughtful gifts I get to give, and the all round happiness of the season.  Do you feel sometimes, though, that it gets too busy?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and perhaps do not get to complete all of the items on your to do list?  Sometimes even decorating the home can seem daunting, but you know it needs to get done!  I simply love the decorating part of the season and cannot wait to put up all of my darling decorations. If you need a [...]

Chaise Makeover by Blake & Taylor

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I love bringing old pieces back to life like this Chaise makeover.  The upholsterers have been working hard this week to get this gorgeous piece ready for my client.  This chaise looks simply beautiful now it has been transformed with a little TLC and new blue & white paisley upholstery. Before Chaise - Before After Chaise - After Do you have an old piece you simply cannot throw away but needs a little love?  Contact me at the store and we can help make it magnificent again! Ellie B&T xx

NEW Potpourri Workshop

2018-11-26T16:16:17+00:0023 November 2018|Blog, Uncategorized|

We are so delighted with the success of our newest workshop! At our first class we were pleased to have Marjorie Cross from Weekend Notes attend and she has written a lovely article about her experience here at the Blake & Taylor Creative Space.  Click the link below to read all about the New Potpourri Workshop. Learn the ancient craft of Potpourri using a traditional 16th Century medieval recipe.  Combine dried herbs, spices and decorative flowers to create a fragrant blend to scent your home.  We will show you how to make a pouch using a selection of vintage fabrics and [...]

Spring Gardening

2018-11-20T09:19:38+00:0011 November 2018|Blog, Uncategorized|

We are halfway through spring in lovely Brisbane and I am thinking a lot about Spring Gardening and how to make my garden an absolute haven that will last through the spring season and into summer! It is my goal to have as many lovely stitching and garden parties while the weather is beautiful – so I am spending a little time each day watering, weeding, and genuinely giving my beautiful plants the attention and love they need. Spring is also the absolute best time to plant a little vegetable patch so you have a crop of fresh, organic vegetables [...]

Styling the Perfect Gallery Wall

2018-11-10T06:52:59+00:001 November 2018|Blog|

Over the years, I have collected a vast collection of art prints, paintings, and photographs and one of my favourite ways to display all my favourite pieces is with a gallery wall. A gallery wall is the perfect solution for displaying a large mix of unique pieces, and if you have a large space over a sofa or in a hallway you have the perfect location to create an artistic and original display. There are endless arrangements and possibilities when preparing to bring your gallery wall to life! A few things to keep in mind: Choose a consistent colour palette. [...]

Mirror/Frame Makeover

2018-11-01T03:00:09+00:001 November 2018|Blog|

Over the years I have collected a number of old frames and mirrors with beautiful and intricate carving details.  I am always on the look out at vintage shops and flea markets to add to my collection.  I just love these old frames and decided to revamp them with some Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in New White and have them made into mirrors and ready for a new lease of life in my store.   Before photos These frames and mirrors have been hidden away in my garage just waiting for the time to be transformed.  The first [...]

Console Makeover at the Blake & Taylor Workshop

2018-11-01T02:59:11+00:001 November 2018|Blog|

Do you have a piece of furniture you would like to paint but you just don’t have the time or the energy to do it?  My expert team is available at the Blake & Taylor in the workshop space to transform your pieces for you using Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint. If you are interested in having a piece of furniture painted, you may inquire in store, phone or email so we can help you. This is a custom piece that our paint experts worked on recently for a customer.  They wanted to change the look of their console [...]

Revamp Your Cushions Using Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

2018-11-01T02:57:31+00:001 November 2018|Blog|

Have you got some old cushion covers you need to revamp but can’t be bothered to dye them with fabric dye?   Then just reach for your Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint and in a few easy steps transform their look into something fresh and new.  Our Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint can be used on many types of fabric from cottons, linens, velvet and even leather! You will need only a few materials to complete this project: Linen cushion cover Spray bottle 25mm Round Synthetic Blake & Taylor Paintbrush Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint (here I have [...]

Stencil a Cushion Cover Using Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

2018-11-01T02:55:48+00:001 November 2018|Blog|

Stencils are an easy way to spruce up a blank space on any surface.  They offer crisp lines and there are so many different stencils to choose from.  Today we chose to stencil a cushion cover with a beautiful 'Paris' stencil using the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint. Materials Used Linen Cushion Cover 25mm Round Blake & Taylor Synthetic Paintbrush Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint (I used colour Ink Navy) Removable Spray Bond Good Quality Stencil 1. Lay the cushion cover out flat ready for your stencil. It is important to work on a flat surface.  Spray the [...]

How To Care For Your Blake & Taylor Brushes

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Choosing the right brush to use with your Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint is really important to achieve the perfect finish.  Everyone knows it is important to choose the right tool for the job and this means selecting the best brush for your Chalk Furniture Paint. I have learned from past experience using a cheap brush will only leave you with disappointing results and the most annoying part is the bristles dropping in your lovely paint finish and then having to spend all that time picking them out! There are 3 sizes in the Blake & Taylor range, 25mm [...]

How to Block Print a Cushion Cover

2018-10-21T07:13:27+00:0021 October 2018|Blog|

I am always on the look out for beautiful wooden blocks at craft fairs and flea markets and I have built up a collection of vintage Indian wooden blocks in my box of treasures. I wanted to do a quick design to liven up this plain linen cushion cover and Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint. I only had 30 minutes spare to do this project so I decided to use my mini blocks to print with to make it quick and easy. Materials Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint (I chose colour Toulouse) Small artists brush Wooden blocks Old [...]

5 Things To Do Daily To Keep Housework Under Control

2018-10-19T05:03:39+00:001 October 2018|Blog|

After using Chalk Paint and chalk furniture paint, there are 5 Things To Do Daily. But before that, if you want to make chalk paint for painting furniture or chalk paint decorative, don't forget to use flat brushes or bristle brushes for chalk furniture paint I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to get into a good rhythm with some of the most basic tasks and chores that just have to be done around the house. I’d love to spend every day at my workbench creating beautiful, handmade projects and designing interiors, but some days I just [...]

On My Design Bench This Week: Lampshades, Pillows and more!

2018-10-19T05:08:39+00:0023 September 2018|Blog|

Lampshades, Pillows, and More! This week I have been hard at work on a number of different projects for my wonderful clients including lampshades and pillows! These fantastic lampshade covers and cushions are back from the workroom and they look fabulous, don't you think?I love the delicate soft colours and florals of this lampshade but I also really love the strong blue and striking pattern of this cute pair of lampshades and cushions too. Scroll through to see more photos of all these lovely projects.  I have had such fun working on each one! I am also working on something else at the moment [...]

Dash & Albert Stair Runners

2018-10-19T05:19:45+00:003 September 2018|Blog|

Stair Runners Installation As you can see from these beautiful photos, the Dash & Albert range of stair runners and rugs is an absolutely stunning way to brighten up a staircase or hallway and create a feeling of comfort and luxury all at once! In these photos you’ll see that the Lattice Swedish Blue, Cotton Woven Rug was used to bring texture and interest to the lovely, natural wood tones of this staircase. The subtle diamond pattern of this runner is the perfect hint of detail while still maintaining a minimal look and feel. I love how this runner completely [...]

New Just For You: Handmade By Ellie from Blake & Taylor

2018-10-19T05:13:09+00:0021 July 2018|Blog|

A dose of creativity and a passion for DIY has led me to create a brand new section on my website for projects I have designed and handmade! Some of my passions include knitting, crocheting, and embroidering and simply just playing around with my room full of treasures collected over many years.  I do hope you like them.    One of my favourite projects were these crocheted bags for which I used linen string and trimmed them with vintage treasures brought back from my trip to France.  I wanted to make unique handbags to create a one of a kind look [...]

St Lucia Installation

2018-08-29T02:18:21+00:0012 June 2018|Blog, Furniture|

Calm, Inviting Space, Calm, Inviting Space, Calm, Inviting Space, Calm, Inviting Space, Calm, Inviting Space, Calm, Inviting Space,  Creating a Calm, Inviting Space in my installation at St Lucia Hello all!  I hope everyone has been keeping busy and enlivened with creativity and expression.  We have been busy here at Blake & Taylor running all of our fantastic workshops.   It is so fun to watch the excitement of our attendees as they adopt new skills and feel a new sense of confidence in what they can create. I have been keeping busy as well (both my hands and my soul) with home styling commissions.  Nothing [...]


2018-06-08T02:51:39+00:0030 May 2018|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Timber  Mirror Makeover Timber Mirror  Makeover Timber  Mirror  Makeover Timber  Mirror Makeover Timber  Mirror   Quick, easy, beautiful?  Yes, please!  I am excited to share with you another fantastically simple project completed in only a few hours using my Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint.  Timber Mirror Makeover This mirror in my daughter's old bedroom was previously painted with the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in Turquoise.  My daughter has outgrown this space and is moving to another room in the house.  Her new room -- and this gorgeously ornate mirror -- are now ready for a makeover. How [...]

A Simple (yet stunning) Staircase Makeover

2018-05-18T06:49:53+00:0018 May 2018|Blog, On My Design Bench|

A Simple Staircase Makeover Stairs Make-over Stairs Make-over Stairs Make-over Stairs Make-over Stairs Make-over Stairs Make-over After 8 years we decided to complete a simple staircase makeover in our home.  It needed a quick revamp and a new look for 2018.  With only half a day’s elbow grease, our staircase was transformed with a faux painted runner! Stairs Make-overmake-over One of the advantages of the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint range is that you can mix the paints together to create your own unique colour.  This is exactly what I decided to do for our staircase.  I used a combination of, Steel Grey, Ink [...]

Vintage Re-Imagined Dining Set – UPDATE

2018-05-17T06:10:03+00:0017 May 2018|Furniture, On My Design Bench|

 Antique Dining Set Re-Imagined Antique Dining Set Re-Imagined Antique Dining Set Re-Imagined As promised in our recent blog post introducing this fabulous makeover, our gorgeous re-imagined, vintage dining set is ready and available for sale! We have just set up the items in the store and we can are all in jitters about how wonderfully it turned out.  The reception has been so great and we cannot wait to see who will take this lovely set home. When I acquired the table and chairs you could tell they were originally made with such care and detail.  The timber is solid and the [...]

This Week On My Design Bench…

2018-04-11T22:03:32+00:0011 April 2018|Blog, Furniture, On My Design Bench|

Vintage Dining Chairs Re-Imagined It has been a short while since I have been able to share something exciting from the design bench here at Blake & Taylor.  This is not for a lack of thrilling things in the works.  There has been so much hustle and bustle in the air since I returned from my trip to Paris and Rome.  I just have not had a moment to sit down and tell you all about it! This past week I have been deeply invested in a painting project.  We had found 6 fantastic vintage chairs, all from the same [...]

This week at Blake & Taylor…

2018-03-05T00:36:11+00:0026 February 2018|Blog|

Beautiful Birds and Tearful Goodbyes... I am back in Australia after my whirlwind tour of Europe.  I shed a tear saying goodbye to the gorgeous Parisian snowfall and was welcomed back, regretfully, by the 34-degree Australian heat. This week I am shedding another tear as we say goodbye to Dana.  Dana has been working with us at Blake & Taylor for more than 6 years.  We cannot imagine anyone doing a better job in keeping our office upstairs together and in shape.  She was our organizer extraordinaire! To celebrate Dana's time spent with us we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon [...]

Bonjour une deuxième fois from Paris!

2018-02-14T17:59:12+00:0012 February 2018|Blog|

Ralph Lauren and other Paris Highlights There are 3 things I am excited to share with you this week from my stay in this famous city; one - my lunch at Ralph Lauren, two – Treasure Hunting in Paris, and three – the most lovely and unexpected snowfall. Ralph Lauren is inspiring with a simple theme that you will find in many successful businesses – dedication to detail.  The building that houses this globally loved brand has been restored and maintained with the utmost care and perfection, just like everything that Ralph Lauren touches.  It is a must see when [...]

Bonjour from Paris!

2018-02-06T13:15:27+00:006 February 2018|Blog|

My tour of Paris in pictures... Bonjour from Paris!  For those of you who have been following my adventures on the blog, My Roman Holiday and A Tour of Rome with Ellie I have shown you all around the fabulous and romantic city of Rome. Next up is Paris, another of our planet's most romantic cities, brimming with history and inspirational detail.  They say an image can express a thousand words, so this week will be short on the verbiage and heavy on photography. I will express, however, that Winter in Paris is so lovely – the trees are all bare and asleep [...]

A Tour of Rome with Ellie…

2018-01-27T17:38:31+00:0026 January 2018|Blog|

My Journey through Rome I am putting on my “travel-guide” hat this week if anyone is up for it.  I know most of you are keen subscribers for the fun design projects and the comings and goings of our Blake & Taylor retail shop.  However, I also have a feeling many of you are keen to travel.  If you are not out there experiencing the world already, perhaps I can sway you to consider the fabulous city of Rome.  This is a city full of delightful detail.  There is inspiration in every nook and every cranny; from window frames to [...]

My Roman Holiday

2018-01-24T19:37:16+00:0018 January 2018|Blog|

Rome is Fascinating Ciao to you all from the fascinating city of Rome!  My love for nostalgia and history expressed through objects is in overdrive.  Everywhere I go I am delighted by another detail, façade or trinket that echoes its story of the past.  From stairwells to storefronts, this city has stories to tell. We are staying in a building that was built in the 17th Century, which still has the original frescos on some of the ceilings.  Can you imagine the human history they have been a part of; the stolen glances, the rousing altercations, the tired travelling families [...]

Meet the Maker

2018-01-18T20:09:25+00:0016 January 2018|Blog|

Soulful Vintage Jewellery with a Cause It is no wonder I am in love with the work of maker and friend Di Fitzpatrick.  She is a kindred spirit in her love and usage of soulful vintage items. Di Fitzpatrick has been making jewellery for my shop since late 2010.  Her bracelets dazzle, her earrings sparkle, and within each piece is a hidden story.  She adds vintage and antique buttons, crystals, glass or pearls to as many pieces as she can.  When you slide that bracelet on to your wrist you can not help but wonder where each element was found and [...]

Simple Things Can Get You Inspired and Excited

2018-01-13T02:33:08+00:009 January 2018|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Two-Toned Linen Thread and Other Simple Things... There is a lovely French man who supplies me with the most wonderful natural linen thread.  I use it to knit my washers.  I’ll knit while watching TV, sitting chatting with friends, you might even find me trying to knit as I eat a bowl of soup!  I just love to knit and, as many of you know, I just cannot sit still and do nothing.  So, doing two things at once fulfils my need to feel productive and satisfies that creative itch. My wonderful French man came by the other day with [...]

A Tiny Christmas Miracle

2017-12-22T20:19:06+00:0021 December 2017|Blog|

Nothing says Christmas like the arrival of a brand new baby. Our beautiful Liz Jackson gave birth to her second son, William Taggart, a few weeks ago. Congrats to Liz, Greg and Fred on this exciting new chapter in all of their lives. We are all so excited for Liz who has made her own perfect little family here in Australia and is so happy.  We love you Liz. Our excitement at having this wonderful new addition to our Blake & Taylor team is contagious. These gorgeous pics speak for themselves. Welcome to the world Will! Feel free to leave [...]

An Early New Year’s Resolution…

2017-12-15T17:23:09+00:0012 December 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

WHEN LIFE AND WORK JUST KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY I think we can all relate to the following situation.  You have grand plans for a space in your home.  You might even purchase some of the elements to fulfill this plan and spend a few sleepless nights dreaming of how great it will look once finished.  Then, days, months, (years?) might go by and your life has decided to fill itself up with other tasks.  Or, let's be honest, you let life get in the way. This is a photo of a French-style bronze light fitting that I have [...]

This Week on my Design Bench…

2017-12-13T21:59:33+00:0028 November 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

A Floor to Ceiling Window Covering and Mid-Century Modern Design Hello all, it has been fabulous sharing some of my projects with you on my blog as of late.  The feedback has been incredible and so up-lifting.  It inspires me to keep putting all of my energy into helping this warm community create beauty in their homes and lives.  There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating something new. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have a video tutorial up on the website showing you how to use my Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint to revitalize [...]

On My Design Bench: Bay Windows, Roman Blinds and Textured Cushions

2017-12-13T22:01:40+00:0023 November 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Bay Windows, Roman Blinds, and Textured Cushions It is not often  that I like to toot my own horn.  But today I just must share this custom roman blind and window seat installation I have just completed. Bay windows often present a design challenge for home owners.  They are big and beautiful and bright.  The fact that they are anything but 'standard' can be very aesthetically inviting.  When new home shoppers enter a home with a bay window you can imagine the reaction, "oooh's and ahh's" ensue.  After moving in, they deal with early evenings of trying to prepare [...]

Jane Webster: Dreams Do Come True

2017-12-13T22:03:46+00:0015 November 2017|Blog|

In October this year we had the great pleasure to host the lovely Jane Webster in store to launch her new book, French House Chic.  Jane joined us for a chat about all things French, her beautiful life and stunning new book. This is the first time that I had met Jane, yet we were instantly great friends with a lot in common.  Our love of all things French, and taking chances to create a life you love were all topics that propelled our joyous conversation. Backtracking Jane Webster's Experiences In 2005, she did what I think a lot [...]

Meet Elizabeth (Liz) Jackson…

2017-12-13T22:05:00+00:009 November 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Gorgeous Watercolour Paintings by a Fellow Creative... Watercolour makes my heart sing, and so does this fabulous artist.  I am so very honoured to introduce you all to Liz Jackson.  She is an incredibly talented watercolour artist from the UK who is now a resident here in Australia. Something tells me that many of you already know her because she has been working with me at Blake & Taylor for the past 5 years. Working alongside talented artists is always a joy to me.  I live from the idea that it is of great advantage to surround oneself with [...]

Meet Frances Ianarella

2017-12-13T22:06:17+00:0031 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

I would love you all to meet FRANCES IANARELLA. Frances Ianarella is a wonderful still life artist working in oils from her art studio on Long Island, New York. I visited Frances at her charming studio in January 2017 when everything was covered in snow.  It was so beautiful and the snow was so fluffy and untouched. I got to make a snow angel – ‘so like Ellie’ – I hear you all say.  I just couldn’t resist it. Frances and I met on Instagram (@nycpainter) where I fell in love with her work and bought 5 original pieces [...]

Lessons in taking risks from a simple crocheted bag…

2017-12-13T22:08:12+00:0026 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Crocheted Bag using Linen Twine and strips of Vintage French Linen dyed with Indigo It was a lot of fun making this crocheted bag. I used one of my all time favourite fibers – a Linen Twine  to create the majority of this bag. It was also an excitement to me as I incorporate some of my stash of vintage fabric into the design. These are the blue linen stripes that I dyed with indigo when we had made up one of our vats at the shop for one of our workshops. (You can learn more about dyeing with [...]

I Am Sharing My Collection Of Vintage Hats

2017-12-13T22:09:23+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

ONE OF MY GORGEOUS VINTAGE HATS COULD SOON BE YOURS! Over the years I have put together many vintage collections of some of my favourite treasures or just lovely pieces that have caught my eye. It is a not-so-secret passion of mine. Nostalgia should be my middle name! I feel that time gives objects a soul,  especially on objects which clearly looks created with care and cherished by their owners. You can spot it almost right away if an object has been loved or not. When I see such a special piece I have to scoop it up and [...]

Ellie: How I Knit Your Favourite Linen Washers?

2017-12-13T22:10:34+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

WHEN I JUST CAN’T SIT STILL… I KNIT WASHERS! A lot of you may know that I cannot sit still.  I have to always be doing something otherwise I feel like I am wasting precious time.  There is just so much to fit in, so much to design, to make, to do, to play with and on and on before we die… As such, I am one of those who get’s impatient while watching TV.  It doesn’t feel productive enough.  So when I sit down to watch a show I always have a knitting project in hand as well.  [...]

I Keep My Internet Passwords Safe in a Beautiful Way!

2017-12-14T18:27:01+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

HAVE A PEEK AT MY FAVOURITE INTERNET PASSWORD JOURNAL! An Internet Password Journal that I have recently come across is something I want to share with you. It has instantly become one of my ‘Must Haves'. In this mdoern life, there is nothing more frustrating than revisiting a webpage and find that you have forgotten your username, password, and worst - both!  I am sure this happens to all of us more than a few times.  We sit there, desperately trying to remember if we used the password with a capital ‘P’ or a lower case. Then we try [...]

I Found Inspiration in the Most Curious of Places!

2017-12-13T22:12:58+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Inspiration Found in the Most Curious of Places I found inspiration in one of the most curious of places! It should not be surprising that the place we honour the dead is full of incredible craftsmanship. And its design is indeed ‘full’ of care. Though somehow it is still surprising! Perhaps we can blame Hollywood for how they portray cemeteries. These incredible spaces that celebrate such an important part of the circle of life appear dark and creepy to most people.  Furthermore, that makes enjoying cemeteries somehow seem morbid. Inspiration is Everywhere! On one of my recent trips to [...]

It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Rosemary!

2017-12-13T22:14:03+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Rosemary, what can you do with the plant? Here is a sneak peak at our journey in developing our fantastic new workshop. Natural Dyeing With Rosemary Liz and I had a great time together developing this new workshop.  It felt like we were conducting a beautiful science experiment. We had all the tools out; pulsers, beakers, pots and pans – and plenty of the delightfully scented herb, rosemary! For our inspiration and some direction we used Sasha Duerr’s book ‘Natural Color’. We also had the chance to use rosemary that we grow in the garden right here at Blake [...]

Ellie’s Design Bench: Re-imagined Deep Buttoned Armchairs

2017-12-14T18:24:35+00:0023 October 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Denim Armchairs are a Dream! This week on my design bench, I am sharing a recent installation involving fabulous buttoned armchairs that I dreamed up for a recent client. They say one of the best gifts you can give a creator is trust.  This lovely lady gave me her complete trust to design and recover these armchairs in a way that would make her sitting room shine.  She gave me the gift of freedom to follow my design bliss.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results! These deep oak buttoned armchairs were an amazing canvas.  They presented such inspiration [...]

Show and Tell: Soulful Quilts from a Beloved Customer

2017-11-11T14:35:20+00:0022 August 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

We’ve just got to show off our customer’s amazing quilts!   It is the ultimate honour to have such amazing customers. So it’s time to brag and sing some praise for this lovely lady and her quilts that can only be considered works-of-art.  Meet one of our wonderful and talented customers, Lynn Houghton.     Lynn is one of those people that just knocks my socks off with her creativity and talent.  Her work is filled with soul.  She has stitched this quilt completely by hand using vintage fabrics.  In the true essence and spirit of quilting, Lynn has incorporated [...]

Did You Know All Linen are Green?

2017-11-12T01:36:12+00:009 August 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

I do love to work with natural fabric.  And Linen is my all time favourite. I am in love with its practical unassuming beauty. So this week, I thought I would share some quirky facts about this fabric so you can impress all your linen-loving friends. I bet they didn’t know their favourite dress has an 8000-year legacy!   A Few Quirky Facts About My Favourite Fabric   Fact 1: The oldest dress in the world was made with Linen You all may be aware of my obsession with old things by now.  So it is no wonder why I [...]

Find Out What Magic Was Made With These Fabrics!

2017-11-12T01:41:02+00:004 August 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

These Reupholstered Wing-Backed Chairs and Day-Bed are to Die For! Putting fabrics together for a reupholstery project is like young love. Sometimes you look at two people and think, “Wow, how are they going to make that work?” They seem quite opposite. Yet when they do it can be just magic! The world experiences a new spice and flavour that wouldn’t have existed had these two souls not met. That is exactly how I feel about this recent project I have been working on for a client. The goal was to bring her sitting room to life again. With her [...]

Another Spirited Boro Textile in the Works!

2017-11-12T02:30:29+00:0027 July 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Someone stop me, I may be on the verge of a fully-realized Boro textile-making addiction!  Though I digress, it may be one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve enjoyed in awhile.  By and large, pulling colours, fabrics and embellishments together to create a finished piece is so satisfying.  Definitely, I urge you to try it!   For those who aren’t quite sure, Boro is a class of Japanese textile that is mended or patched together.  The term is from the Japanese word "boroboro", meaning something tattered or repaired. Indeed, I’m in love with this idea of making something old, new [...]

An old quilt and traditional technique brings this cushion project to life!

2017-11-12T02:37:26+00:0021 July 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

  It’s finally finished!  A couple of weeks ago I gave a sneak peek of a cushion top I was working on using Sashiko and Boro methods of Japanese stitching.  I had been working on this piece for months here and there.  Thus, finally sitting back and enjoying the completed project gave me the truest sense of satisfaction.     The project went from this flat 60x60cm decorated and stitched piece of fabric to a 3D cushion wonder.  Thanks to my girls in my workroom.  They used one of those loosely filled duck-feather inserts to create a well-formed pillow with [...]

Happening Today: French Treasures

2017-11-12T02:44:00+00:0016 July 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

How many times has that gravy boat been passed around at a fantastic feast where jokes and laughter and warmth are shared?  And how many times has old Oncle Pierre told his long-winded tales of grandeur again?   Treasures from France We have received some more vintage French treasures, straight off the boat from France.  How divine!  I have been launched into a mini-dream-land inspired by all of these pieces, that I found in France, and my love of old things.     Vintage wares and antiques have always enamoured me.  They have lived a life often solitary, or stationary, tucked [...]

On My Design Bench: Kitchen Design

2017-11-13T02:26:22+00:0010 July 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Kitchen Design   Kitchen design is what I'm doing as a current project this week.  It has been an absolutely amazing project to work on.  Some of my most favourite things to use in the kitchen have come together in this project - Brushed stainless steel, caesar stone, and white satin 2 pac.  This combination of materials, really bring a kitchen to life! If you are going to try to give your kitchen a new look, remember to keep things simple.  Using too many elements in one space can lose the overall feel of the area and make the space [...]

On My Design Bench: Textiles

2017-11-13T02:34:49+00:003 July 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

One of my favourite things to do is chatting with our clients.  I love getting to know them and listening to them telling us all about their style and what excites them in design.  Nothing makes me happier than taking a client's vision.  And I am more than happy bringing it to life through the combination of  textiles such as fabrics, accessories, furniture pieces, art, rugs, paint colours, hardware and more.  Combining and gathering all the little details to give my clients exactly what they want and what fits into their lifestyle is my passion!   Textiles   As you [...]

Stitching is on Ellie’s Design Bench Today | Blake & Taylor

2017-11-13T02:38:43+00:0025 June 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Let's Go Stitiching   I have been stitching this cushion top for months.  A bit here and a bit there as it takes a while sometimes for all the correct and perfect elements to come together and also to find that perfect piece of fabric that will sit ‘just there’ and bring the whole piece together.  If you are a stitcher then you know what I am talking about. Lots of elements make up this cushion top – indigo dyeing, resist methods with mordants and leaves, and stencilling to name a few. I am crazy at the moment about Sashiko [...]

Dash and Albert is on Ellie’s Design Bench!

2017-11-13T02:51:46+00:0015 June 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Dash and Albert completes this week's design bench.  This week, I have been busy designing using rugs and fabrics to create the perfect living rooms for my clients home. My goal is always to make my clients home feel comfortable, stylish and filled with soul.   Dash and Albert I love combining different textiles.  For example, when it comes to rugs Dash & Albert has the perfect ones.  I put these together with fabrics and soft furnishings from Unique Fabrics and Zepel. A modern home with lots of white and soft additions are in our favourites.  Blues and indigos are the [...]

Vintage Belt Buckles are on Ellie’s Design Bench Today!

2017-11-13T02:59:42+00:005 June 2017|Blog, On My Design Bench|

Vintage Belt Buckles   These incredible vintage belt buckles from around the 1950’s were the inspiration for me today. My friend Di came up with this great way to use some of the many buckles in my stash and I absolutely adore it! The black gross grain ribbon is the perfect vehicle to show off these beautiful buckles.  I hand stitched them to the ribbon and have made it long enough to wear as a stylish belt. It looks great on a casual dress or perfect on that black dress for a night out. Every belt is unique and one [...]

Morning Tea with Stylist Tahn Scoon

2017-11-14T01:38:41+00:0028 April 2017|Blog|

What a beautiful morning we had on Thursday.  We invited magazine stylist and interior decorator Tahn Scoon into the store for the signing of her new book Luxe Vintage.  Our ladies enjoyed listening to hints and tips.  They loved it most when they learned more on how to style and design beautifully inspiring interiors.  It was a day of Q & A with a delicious morning tea.  Of course, we also had the signing of new Tahn Scoon books.   Tahn Scoon in Blake & Taylor   The ladies are very eager to learn new tips from stylist, Scoon.   [...]

Take a Look at This New Interior Project

2017-11-14T01:57:50+00:003 April 2017|Blog|

We are excited to see the completion of this interior installation for one of our delightful customers.  The three-seater sofa and deep-buttoned ottoman were reupholstered.  We used Zepel's Stonewash collection and compliment the gorgeous Unique Ceramica blue and white cushions.  It has such a beautiful, elegant and classic look. Blake & Taylor is so thrilled to be involved in transforming this space.  And we have a very happy client who loves it just as much as we do!   Interior Project for our Client       If you would like Blake & Taylor to help you with an equally stunning space for [...]

Blake & Taylor’s Treasures From France are in Our Store!

2018-02-19T04:02:05+00:0020 March 2017|Blog|

Treasures from France have finally arrived in Blake & Taylor's store!  These gorgeous 1930's blue & white tiles have made it across the ocean to our shop floor. We found these in a small village in South West France near Auty whilst on the Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2013.   The lovely blue and white tiles from France.  These caught my attention because as you all know I love vintage items.   All our other treasures from France are slowly making their way in our store.  So pop in and find a unique French item for yourself.   B&T [...]

Blue & White Table Linen You’ll Love!

2017-11-14T02:44:16+00:006 February 2017|Blog|

Table linen for you!  These classic 100% cotton Al Fresco Stripe table linen are perfect for inside or out.  In addition, you can complete the set with matching Al Fresco Stripe Napkins.  Above all, these table linen are easy to care for.  Plus, they are machine-washable. These table linen are available in sizes 150 x 230, 150 x 300 and 150 x 360 cms.   Table Linen from Al Fresco Stripe     Check our store now!   B&T x

100% Cotton Blanket

2017-11-14T02:57:58+00:0030 January 2017|Blog|

Here is a cotton blanket you will surely need daily! These blankets are super-soft 100% natural cotton to give you maximum comfort.  They are eye-catching yet subtle.  These waffle blankets will definitely create a mood in your bedroom.  They are lightweight and breathable in summer.  And the honeycomb waffle-woven texture provides warmth in winter.  Hence, these blankets are suitable for all year round.   You Need This Cotton Blanket!     These are the summer-waffle type of cotton blankets.   Take a closer look at the summer-waffle blanket.   A blanket measures 270 x 290 cms.   Check this out [...]

NEW Valia Clothing in Blake & Taylor’s Store

2017-11-15T03:06:01+00:0027 January 2017|Blog|

Launched in Melbourne on 2011, Valia is providing high quality women's wear inspired by the ease of Australian way of life and regular travels around the globe.  The brand totally cares about the environment.  They support local industry and uses sustainable yarns including bamboo, cotton, modal and merino wool.   New Valia Collection is Here! The new Spring Summer collection is finally here.  And it is simply stunning!  They have these cool cottons and linens perfect for the Queensland heat.  The look is urban as well as feminine, and romantic.  Valia convinces women of all ages who love to cultivate a [...]

Organic Beauty – Taking Care of Your Health from the Inside

2018-03-12T12:39:01+00:0019 December 2016|Blog|

For Organic beauty, we have two fantastic books for looking after yourself both inside and out.  The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates is a collection of dairy and gluten free recipes for radiant skin, gut health and well-being. For the past 15 years Carla has researched, taught and written a number of books about organic beauty and gut health. This is the ultimate bible for those wanting to eat healthier for 2018! This book will definitely inspire you to get healthy every day. All Natural Beauty is packed with organic and homemade beauty products. These recipes show you how to use [...]

Christmas JDL Magazine December 2017 Now Available

2018-03-20T11:38:15+00:0028 November 2016|Blog|

The December Jeanne d'Arc Magazine is now available in store and online.  The last edition of the magazine for 2016. Packed full of beautiful ideas for Christmas decorating, recipes for sweet treats, ideas for lavish centrepieces and DIY projects.     https://blakeandtaylor.com.au/product/jdl-magazine-2nd-issue-2018/ Ellie B&Txx  

Our Store is Looking Fabulous

2018-03-27T07:14:52+00:0021 November 2016|Blog|

Our store is looking fabulous as all our Christmas displays are up, our windows sparkle and Latrobe Terrace looks stunning with the festive red bows ready for the Christmas late night shopping Thursday 1st December. We also have beautiful art prints, clothing, gardening tools and gloves, glassware, homeware, linen and the likes! We also started offering Workshops and I am so excited to teach you so many techniques! Follow us on Pinterest!

Help our Aussie Farmers

2018-01-23T16:43:46+00:0015 November 2016|Blog|

Help our Aussie Farmers by purchasing the new 2017 Heirloom Recipe Calendar. A beautiful collection of treasured receipes from Maggie Beer, Little Hill Farm, Chris Jordan and many more from the facebook group Old Fashioned Recipes and Remedies.  All profits go to support Aussie Farmers hit by severe drought and hard times.  Each month enjoy a traditional recipe.  The perforated pages make it easy to tear out and store for years to come in your recipe favourites.

Lights of Paddington Fashion Night

2018-03-27T07:16:17+00:0017 October 2016|Blog|

The inaugural Lights of Paddington Fashion Event was a great success on Saturday night.  Meet the top movers and shakers who made it all happen Olivia Russell, Councillor Peter Matic and Karen Harley. Thank you to all for supporting our wonderful suburb, Paddington4064, and making it such a brilliant evening! Another big thank you goes out to Pam Tamblyn and her gorgeous models who did a sensational job showcasing all of the wonderful fashion available in Paddington4064. Follow us on Pinterest!

Shop Paddington

2018-03-27T07:16:39+00:0019 September 2016|Blog|

Our hand drawn maps are available in store.  Collect your copy and spend the day browsing beautiful Paddington.  B&T x Follow us on Pinterest!  

NEW – Gift Wrapping with Vivienne Anthon

2018-03-27T07:16:49+00:0019 September 2016|Blog|

NEW for October Learn the art of beautiful gift wrapping with Vivienne Anthon, Australia’s gift wrapping expert. Her two hour workshops are filled with laughter, techniques, tips, and resources to make your gift wrapping the envy of family and friends. Whether you are an experienced wrapper or looking to enhance your skills, there’ll be plenty for you to take away including the top looks for Christmas 2016. All materials are supplied – all you have to do is come along and wrap up a storm! See our workshop page for more details and dates Follow us on Pinterest!

Thank You

2018-02-26T14:26:26+00:0012 September 2016|Blog|

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who helped make Saturday's Annual Spring Market, such a great success and happy day. Ellie B&Txx

New Father’s Day Gifts

2018-02-26T14:26:51+00:0030 August 2016|Blog|

Do you still need to find perfect Father's Day gifts?  We have some great gift sets available.  For the fathers who like to spend time in the garden, we have the gardener's hand scrub and Beechwood nail brush set Click here to purchase.  If you want to help dad stay well groomed and smelling lovely, we have a beautiful range of Italian soap, beard brushes, shaving soap and Beechwood barbers brushes . Click here to purchase  New to Blake & Taylor are the men's range of scented heat packs and drawer sachets.  Socks & Jocks scented bags are perfect for keeping those underwear [...]

New Rafia Chic Shoes

2018-02-26T14:21:00+00:0022 August 2016|Blog|

The new Rafia Chic Spring/Summer sandals are now in stock.  Beautiful rafia and leather handcrafted shoes made in Morocco. These shoes are truly a timeless addition to any outfit.  Available in store and online. Rafia Shoes

Get Ready For Father’s Day

2018-03-27T07:18:25+00:0015 August 2016|Blog|

Looking for some stylish gift ideas this Father's Day? We have a great range of German-made beechwood grooming brushes, Italian and French scented soaps and brown leather picture frames. Follow us on Pinterest!  

Repurpose & Recycle – We’ll Show You How

2018-02-26T14:15:19+00:0027 July 2016|Blog|

We love to repurpose and recycle, like turning old unloved pieces of furniture into new and beautiful creations at Blake & Taylor. Take a look at this vintage chair, stripped back, reupholstered and painted with Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint French Linen.  To complete the look is the exclusive designer fabric cushion and matching shade, all made by the Blake & Taylor team.  Why not try our Furniture Paint Workshop or our Lampshade Workshop to learn how to create something just as fabulous yourself.  B&T x

Watch our new Posy Making Workshop video!!!

2018-03-27T07:35:17+00:0016 July 2016|Blog|

Blake & Taylor Posy Making Workshop. Using in season fresh flowers learn all the tips and tricks to make a perfect posy. https://youtu.be/8dWheG_CuE0  WATCH THIS VIDEO AND MAKE A COMMENT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A PLACE IN THIS WORKSHOP.  ENDS ON 30/9/16 GOOD LUCK!  Ellie B&Txx

Handmade at Blake & Taylor

2018-03-05T11:54:20+00:0013 June 2016|Blog|

We are a talented bunch of ladies here at Blake & Taylor. By using all of our skills in sewing, printmaking, painting and hand dyeing, just to name a few, we can offer our customers exclusive one off beautiful designs. This is one of our proudest pieces, a revamped chaise lounge.  Painted using Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint and recovered with vintage french ticking linen, hand dyed with indigo.  The perfect piece to relax, lounge and read your favorite book. You'll also find little handmade treasures like these beautiful linen lavender scented bags, hand knitted linen cloths and Shashiko stitched pin [...]

Help Our Australian Farmers

2018-03-20T11:53:52+00:006 June 2016|Blog|

With Australian farmers experiencing one of the most severe droughts in Australian history, you can help support our local rural communities by purchasing this fantastic recipe book, only $35.  Full of old fashioned recipes, remedies and reminders passed down through generations.  Packed with 220 pages of traditions, including photographs and original handwritten notes.  Contact Blake & Taylor to purchase your copy now.

New Store at Milton

2018-03-05T13:58:46+00:0019 May 2016|Blog|

Visit our newest Blake & Taylor Milton Store at Milton Shopping Village, Baroona Road, Milton. You can pick up your cans of our famous Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint which is 100% Australian made and developed by us.  This Blake & Taylor store is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.  Hope to see you soon.  Ellie  B&T xx                 http://www.blakeandtaylor.com.au

Christmas Celebrations at Blake & Taylor

2018-03-05T12:29:52+00:004 December 2015|Blog|

Take a look at a few of our photos from last night's Christmas event.  It was lovely to see so many of our beautiful Blake & Taylor customers who have supported us this year.  Hope to see you all next year for a fabulous 2016! Christmas Celebrations

Screen Printing Workshop by Blake & Taylor Shop

2018-03-20T11:59:44+00:001 December 2015|Blog|

Take a look at some of the beautiful Screen Prints made by our students during the Screen Printing Workshop over the weekend. Our next class in February is now fully booked, but we have a new date organised, April 9th. Take a look at our Workshop page for more details on the Blake & Taylor website. Workshops are held in the Blake & Taylor Creative Space every week.  As the name suggests, the Creative Space offers you the chance to learn with our team of experts on your desired topic may it be paint, screen-printing, indigo and many others.  Places [...]

Kara Rosenlund Book Signing Event

2018-03-27T08:13:45+00:0026 November 2015|Blog|

Kara Rosenlund Book Signing Event 'Welcome to my world. It’s an old school road tripping adventure, a flurry of interior inspiration and a voyage through imagery – it’s all here, all captured and lived by me.' Kara Rosenlund As part of her book tour Kara dropped in to Blake & Taylor this week to talk about her photographs and adventures encountered in her 1st book, Shelter: How Australians Live. A small intimate group enjoyed some Q & A time with Kara followed by delicious sweet treats courtesy of Mariosarti Restaurant Toowong. Signed copies of Kara's new book, Shelter:How Australians Live [...]

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 – Day 6

2018-04-13T14:38:13+00:005 June 2015|Blog|

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 Day 6 Town of Cordes sur Ciel Lets start at the bottom and work up to the top. Nearly there..... A few shopping stops along the way and cobbled gardens. A quite rest with a view before reaching the top. Through the arch and finally..... the breathtaking views. Meander back down.... ready for lunch at Lou Canton. Bon appetite! And for the afternoon...... a visit to Charlotte's beautiful house in the country for dinner. Of course a few drinks to start. A sneak around the secret garden.... where a few friends are hiding. Then [...]

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 Day 5

2018-04-13T14:35:57+00:004 June 2015|Blog|

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 Day 5 Off we go...... to the town of Cahors for the brocante and farmers markets. A walk around the town....... secret doorways..... and hidden alleyways. Always making friends along the way! A stop for lunch...... then on to the Pont Valentre, the UNESCO World Heritage site as part of the Santiago Pilgrim Ways.       View from the bridge. With just enough time to squeeze in a little bit more shopping at Caussade hat factory. Back to the Chateau for some champagne of course...... and a show and tell of everyones treasures. [...]

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 – Day 4

2018-04-13T14:33:51+00:003 June 2015|Blog|

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 Day 4 A day at the Chateau. Busy bees in the workroom with a morning of craft. Fabienne visits with her collection of vintage linens. Someone else also enjoys the visit from Fabienne! Laurent Zimmermann joins the Chateau for Champagne, cheese and bread tasting. And finally a sunset dinner to end the day......

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 – Day 3

2018-04-13T14:34:15+00:003 June 2015|Blog|

Blake & Taylor French Adventure 2015 Day 3 Ready for day 3 - Caussade Market. Hunting for treasure at the local brocante. Guided tour of Caussade food market with Chateau Dumas chef Charlotte. All that shopping, we need coffee........ and lunch! Back to the Chateau for some cooking demonstrations. And to finish the day perfectly....... Wine tasting and dinner at Haute - Serre.


2018-04-20T16:34:55+00:002 October 2014|Blog|

Have a look at our new video on YouTube Don't forget to subscribe, too! We upload various tutorials, DIY items and short videos from the Blake & Taylor Workshops! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgx0oG3--TU&list=UU39JDrqlNlIwOJvBGi2sZ3A https://youtu.be/cgx0oG3--TU

Doll’s House Painting

2018-04-20T17:29:58+00:0016 May 2014|Blog|

Do you need a little assistance with a painting project like this Doll's House Painting? We can help. Take a look at this custom painted dolls house for one of our lovely Blake & Taylor customers. If you have a painting project you would like us to help with just contact the store. B&T x

Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer

2018-04-20T17:57:15+00:0014 April 2014|Blog|

Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer We now stock this great range of matching Lippy's and Nail Lacquers.  There are some great colours in this range. What the nail lacquer does Created backstage at fashion week for the world’s top fashion designers, butter LONDON’s lacquers are rich in color, giving your nails a look that is more vibrant. The vitamin-enriched formula promotes nail strength and provides beautifully consistent coverage. What else you need to know about Butter LONDON Butter LONDON is a new-era design house, creating extraordinary moments in color by living on the inside edge of fashion. Butter LONDON does not [...]

Blake & Taylor Candles

2018-04-27T18:39:56+00:0013 March 2014|Blog|

  Our new soy candle range hit the shelves this week.  Come into store and smell the wonderful fragrances from these candles - Soy Latte, Clean Sheets, Provence, Hampton and 5 other fragrances.  Burn time is up to 60 hours, soy wax, essential oils and blends, cotton wicks.  Enhance your home today with one of our exclusive candles or give the perfect gift.  B&T xx  


2018-04-27T18:45:00+00:0013 February 2014|Blog|

DANDELION WOOD Meet our newest preferred stockist for our wonderful Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint MONIQUE TEN HOVE                     Phone 0423 039 580 Her business ‘Dandelion Wood’ is located at the Mill Markets in Daylesford, Victoria 105 Central Springs Road, Daylesford https://www.facebook.com/dandelion.wood.5  http://www.millmarkets.com.au/daylesford/


2018-05-09T18:55:40+00:002 January 2014|Blog|

Here is a great idea for your stairs.  Instead of the usual portrait gallery up the stairs hang mirrors instead.  It just gives the most amazing sense of space to the stairs and the area surrounding.  What are your thoughts on these 2 different mirrored stair walls?

How To Tie A Great Bow

2018-05-15T10:28:36+00:0028 December 2013|Blog|

I get asked a lot how do I tie such a perfect bow?  Have a look at this video I found on You Tube that shows you exactly How To Tie A Great Bow.  Good luck when you try it.  B&T  xxx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qSvnCux5QM  

New B&T Furniture Paint Stockist

2018-05-15T10:46:26+00:006 December 2013|Blog|

Tarnished Interiors at 535 Peel Street Tamworth is the latest Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint Stockist.  Please say 'Hi' to Pam when you visit her to buy your paint and wax to transform one of your furniture pieces.  Happy Painting.  Ellie…….B&Txx

Up Late Christmas Trading Evening

2018-05-25T11:35:07+00:0027 November 2013|Blog|

We shall be spreading Christmas Cheer (tomorrow) Thursday 28th November 2013 during the evening.  Come and see all of the lovely Christmas goodies we have in store.  Other retailers around us will also be open late spreading the joy.  Would love to see you.

Lunch at Blake & Taylor

2018-06-01T14:39:06+00:0021 November 2013|Blog|

Danielle who is French but lives in Scotland came all the way to Blake & Taylor today to have one of our delicious toasted sandwiches for lunch.  Welcome to Australia Danielle.  B&T xx

Small Stool Makeover with Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint

2018-06-01T14:46:15+00:0018 November 2013|Blog|

Over the week end just passed, I made over this vintage stool.  I was quite happy with how the velvet deep buttoned upholstery came up after I painted it with my Furniture Paint, colour - French Linen.  It looks like brand new.  It is quite amazing how you can paint fabric with my paint. The frame of the stool I painted with New White.  This Small Stool Makeover was a very satisfying project as it turned out better than I had anticipated.  Ellie   B&Txx Before photos of my stool. The velvet was a peach colour. [...]

Vintage French Finds

2018-06-22T15:34:31+00:0026 July 2013|Blog|

It's been a busy week in at Blake & Taylor HQ... Fresh from her trip to France, Ellie surprised us with boxes and boxes of her favourite vintage french finds that she'd handpicked on her travels throughout France. To celebrate (any excuse really!), we invited B&T VIPs to a special instore, free event and sneak peek of the collection.

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