My tour of Paris in pictures…

Bonjour from Paris!  For those of you who have been following my adventures on the blog, My Roman Holiday and A Tour of Rome with Ellie I have shown you all around the fabulous and romantic city of Rome.

Next up is Paris, another of our planet’s most romantic cities, brimming with history and inspirational detail.  They say an image can express a thousand words, so this week will be short on the verbiage and heavy on photography.

I will express, however, that Winter in Paris is so lovely – the trees are all bare and asleep waiting for spring as are all the flower beds and grass.  It is so serene somehow.  There are not a lot of people everywhere so there are no lines to get into any of the Museums or attractions that you may want to visit.  And, yes, it is cold and the sky, for the days that we have been here, has been grey, but it is easy to get warm and feel snuggly in coats, scarves and gloves – I love it!  We are in an apartment on the 4th floor in the 5th Arrondissement.

Without further ado — my tour or Paris in Pictures…

Paris, France, Blake and Taylor, Creativity, Art Prints

The fabulous view from our apartment.

Paris, France, Blake and Taylor, Creativity, Art Prints

Paris Winter Blake & Taylor Tour

A few sights along my wander through Paris in Winter.


Had lunch with the lovely Carla Coulson at Le Meurice Hotel on rue de Rivoli – Delicious

Paris, France, Blake and Taylor, Creativity, Art Prints











I also had the chance to have lunch with, Jane Webster, at the beautiful Ritz hotel.  My duck ravioli was divine.  It was great to catch up with Jane and to see the Ritz was such an experience to remember – a must do if you ever get to Paris.  Some disappointing news, however, three of Jane’s family have fallen ill with a worrying virus.  So, our sleepover at Chateau Bosgouet has had to be cancelled.  I do hope they all get well soon. 

Paris, France, Blake and Taylor, Creativity, Art Prints

A jaunt to the Parisian florist.  The flowers and the florists are still quite beautiful even though it is winter!

The beautiful flowers at Le Crillon Hotel where I also went for lunch.

Every hour in the evening the Eiffel Tower Sparkles.  Have a look it is just lovely.


I shall do another blog post with more photos next week, stay tuned.

Au Revoir for now.

Ellie B&Txx