Someone stop me, I may be on the verge of a fully-realized Boro textile-making addiction!  Though I digress, it may be one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve enjoyed in awhile.  By and large, pulling colours, fabrics and embellishments together to create a finished piece is so satisfying.  Definitely, I urge you to try it!



For those who aren’t quite sure, Boro is a class of Japanese textile that is mended or patched together.  The term is from the Japanese word “boroboro”, meaning something tattered or repaired.

Indeed, I’m in love with this idea of making something old, new again.



Sashiko is the stitching technique most often used in Boro textiles.  I was excited to further explore this method which I used in my last cushion project.  Sashiko, which literally means ‘little stabs’ has a long history with practical roots.  The stitching is often used to strengthen homespun clothes.  And worn-out clothes are put together to make new garments by using these simple running stitches.  Over time and borrowing heavily from the Chinese, the stitching patterns developed into quite a range.  Ultimately, they developed with the most popular being; waves, mountains, and bamboo patterns among others.




To bring more spirit and age into the piece, I’ve found some vintage glass and shell buttons.  There is nothing like borrowed, used, and found items to add the soul and warmth that I love so much.  Above all, I’ve found that I need to add these items into everything that I create.

Like walking a path in the jungle, when I start these textiles I am not always sure where I will end up.  Will I put a button here, or a stitch there?  Will it become a cushion, or maybe some other form?  Perhaps I could design a bag for this piece so that someone can take it with them wherever they go.

I am curious what your thoughts are on what this piece could become.  Comment below, I want to hear your ideas!


Ellie B&Txx