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Artwork In Ellie’s Home

My home is my creative playground.  I love imagining new ways I could transform each space.  The stairway was a spot that had irked me for quite a while. About a year ago my husband and I took a few cans of Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint, expended half a day’s worth of elbow-grease and fixed it right up.  (Would you like to see the results? ) Left photo Kitchen looking into breakfast room showing Blue & white Stack Painting. Photo to the right Afternoon Mosaic. The project did not end there of course!  Stairwells are the perfect place for a [...]

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Everything Is Better When It Is Vintage!

Ok, I must digress, not absolutely EVERYTHING is better when it is vintage.  I much prefer my smartphone to the twist-it-all-the-way-around rotary dial of my youth.  Though, to be fair, it did help me practice my memorization skills. Many things that were fashioned in the past give me great excitement.  The love and care infused into each item is second only to something that has been hand-made.  Both of which I have in spades at the Blake & Taylor shop! It is as if these items are filled to the brim with the very appreciation of time that went into [...]

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Handmade Scented Hearts

Does anyone remember your youthful excitement at the prospect of a grab-bag?   They were those bags full of random candy and surprises you might have received at the end of a birthday party like these handmade scented hearts.  You might spy them sitting on a table at the beginning of the event and wonder for those two hours what magic was in store if you did indeed receive one.  The possibilities were endless and amazing!  Your imagination would run wild. Well, we are all grown up now and that feeling is few and far between.  But in one small way, [...]

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Sonya Bag

New in my web store is the Sonya Bag which I worked on for over 12 months. This stunning bag has been lovingly created by moi, Ellie, using a collection of vintage fabrics from France, vintage glass buttons and hand stitch techniques.  The stitching technique used to create this bag is the Japanese Boro stitch.  The term "boro" comes from the words "boroboro" meaning something tattered or repaired.  Historically, as hemp was more widely available in Japan than cotton, the two kinds of fabrics were woven together for warmth, birthing the term "boro" as one type of fabric was often [...]

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Terms & Policies

Payment Methods We accept online payment by credit card, Mastercard and Visa and Paypal is also an option.  Your personal information is protected by SSL with the highest level of encryption commercially available to ensure that your transaction is secure and safe.  However, whilst we take precautions to protect information we cannot guarantee that any data transmission is totally secure given the nature of the internet.  If you become aware of any problems with the security of the data or the website please contact us immediately by email at blakeandtaylor@bigpond.com All transactions are in Australia dollars

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about Blake & Taylor, click here to contact us via email. You can contact us in writing at 11 Latrobe Terrace Paddington Q 4064

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Items Shipped Within Australia The shipping price is included in the item price for all items which are being shipped within Australia.

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About Us

Blake & Taylor is in the original Paddington Butcher Shop building which was built around 1890. When inside the store, look up to see the original curved metal butchers rail where they used to hang their meat. We are now using it to hang vintage English tubs and potato baskets and other interesting objects.

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