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Creating a Calm, Inviting Space in my installation at St Lucia

Hello all!  I hope everyone has been keeping busy and enlivened with creativity and expression.  We have been busy here at Blake & Taylor running all of our fantastic workshops.   It is so fun to watch the excitement of our attendees as they adopt new skills and feel a new sense of confidence in what they can create.

I have been keeping busy as well (both my hands and my soul) with home styling commissions.  Nothing gets me more excited than to re-imagine a living space, and add some life and colour.  The way a space is put together and the atmosphere it creates can so greatly affect our mood.  Styling a home means more to me than just shopping for throw pillows – it means giving the gift of breath and life to a space that someone inhabits.  It means joy, safety, calm and serenity.  Styling is not a frivolous, but rather a necessary activity.  Does anyone else agree?

On that note, I am excited to share with you another beautiful installation I have recently completed for one of my lovely clients.  It was such a pleasure to style this apartment including dining room, bedrooms and lounge space.

I had a fabulous time curating each of the soft furnishings as well as sourcing the mirrors and lamps.  Another task I enjoyed (which I will never get enough of) was playing around with floral arrangements and greenery to complement the interior.


One of my favourite parts of this install was sourcing the beautiful botanical and floral artwork and custom framing.  Florals have long since been a popular subject in art – and there can be no discussion as to why.  They have such obvious beauty and colour and bring such life and feeling to a space!  I also really enjoy the nostalgic quality of the old illustrative prints.  Putting them together in clean groups of 4 is a great way to take these smaller pieces and create a larger statement on an empty wall.

This apartment is just divine with both a neutral and classic blue and white colour palette.  When entering the space it feels calm and inviting – beckoning you to take off your shoes, sit down and just relax.

If you are looking to revamp your living space feel free to send me a note.  I would love to come help you bring some new life into it.

Ellie B&Txx