I am happy that plastic bags are being phased out of usage by stores and people alike.  We are now aware of the damage that plastic is causing to our earth, waterways, and animals, so I completely support this movement.  While there are many places to find yourself some reusable grocery bags, in true Ellie style, I MUST make my own!

If you did not know, I simply love to crochet and knit.  I make purses, cloths and bags.  They are a great replacement for plastic, as well as reusable grocery bags, and in my opinion, are much more beautiful.

I felt like getting creative with one of my crochet bags, and I do not think it disappoints!  This little plant is happily nestled into this 100% linen yarn, hanging crocheted bag.

Crochet Bags - Handmade by Ellie    

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Ellie B&T xx