Stair Runners Installation

As you can see from these beautiful photos, the Dash & Albert range of stair runners and rugs is an absolutely stunning way to brighten up a staircase or hallway and create a feeling of comfort and luxury all at once!

Dash & Albert Stair Runners

In these photos you’ll see that the Lattice Swedish Blue, Cotton Woven Rug was used to bring texture and interest to the lovely, natural wood tones of this staircase.

The subtle diamond pattern of this runner is the perfect hint of detail while still maintaining a minimal look and feel.

Dash & Albert Stair Runners

I love how this runner completely transforms this space and gives a plain stairway a brand new atmosphere of modern comfort.

These gorgeous runners and rugs by Dash & Albert are made of the highest quality materials.  They feel durable and solid underfoot, while still maintaining softness and lightness.  Each rug is made with cotton yarn, handwoven in a traditional basic-loom-weave style, for just a touch of tradition and a heritage feel.  The unique patterns found on each piece are one of my favourite features and I think they truly add a modern, minimal look to any room.

Dash & Albert Stair Runners

Another lovely feature of these runners is their versatility – they look just as wonderful in a staircase as they do in a high traffic area like a family or living room.  They are made to last and they will be a wonderful addition to any room of your home.

I cannot wait to see how you style your Dash & Albert rug!  Send us photos by email or through social media – we would love to share!

Please email me if you would like me to help you with your Dash & Albert rug choices for your home.

Ellie B&Txx