Denim Armchairs are a Dream!

This week on my design bench, I am sharing a recent installation involving fabulous buttoned armchairs that I dreamed up for a recent client.

denim armchair deep buttoned

They say one of the best gifts you can give a creator is trust.  This lovely lady gave me her complete trust to design and recover these armchairs in a way that would make her sitting room shine.  She gave me the gift of freedom to follow my design bliss.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results!

These deep oak buttoned armchairs were an amazing canvas.  They presented such inspiration in their own right.  They’ve got such character and charm.

Anyone who knows me by now will not be surprised.  Truly, if you give me complete freedom, your project will likely end up blue!  That is, if it suits the space of course!  Indigo, navy, azure, sapphire, cobalt, denim, royal, sky — blue never ceases to refresh and inspire me.

deep buttoned armchair

How I did I work on the armchairs?

To re-cover the chairs, I chose a blue denim fabric from Ralph Lauren with just enough brightness to create some intrigue in the space.

I designed and had 2 footstools made to compliment the armchairs.  I also covered them in Ralph Lauren Denim.  This is where I had to get input from my client.  I wanted to get the size and shape of the footstool exactly right.  So they could feel the ultimate comfort when sitting in the armchairs.  I wanted these chairs not just to look great, but also to feel great and inviting. What sense is there in a chair you don’t enjoy sitting in?

I adored this client’s beautiful home.  And I enjoyed even more the chance to contribute to the space.  She was so thrilled with the footstools and the complete look of the armchair and stool once installed.  Now, she and her husband have the perfect comfy spot to watch TV.

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