My Chalk Furniture Paint has so many possibilities when it comes to painting different surfaces.  I have shown you in previous blog posts how to paint cushion covers, leather shoes and how to stencil fabric but did you know you could actually dye pieces of fabric with my Chalk Furniture Paint?  Yes really you can make up a dye bath and throw your fabric straight in!  

Dyeing Fabric With Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint


Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint – Colour of your choice

Fabric – I used a 70 x 70 cotton tea towel.

Large metal tub or something similar.  The container must be big enough to allow the fabric to move around freely

Stir stick


Step 1

Wash and dry your fabric to remove any finishes or dirt.

Step 2

Make up your dye vat.  Fill your container with enough tepid water to allow your fabric to move around freely and so it can be fully submerged.  For every litre of water add approximately 1 tablespoon of paint.  You must make sure you stir the dye vat thoroughly to allow the paint to distribute and prevent it from settling at the bottom of the vat.

Step 3

I prefer to wet the fabric before adding it to the dye bath.  Simply run it under the tap and squeeze out the excess water.  Then place the fabric in the vat and stir with your stick to get an even colour.  You want to avoid any colour settling on the fabric surface or at the bottom of your container.  Don’t leave the fabric to soak for too long either.  A couple of minutes is enough.  If you prefer a darker shade you can experiment with the paint to water ratio.

Dyeing Fabric With Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

Step 4 

Take the fabric out and allow it to drip dry on the washing line.

Step 5 

Once it is completely dry you need to set your dye to the fabric.  You can either do this with an iron or in the tumble dryer.  The heat sets the colour and it can then be washed on a normal 30-degree cycle with no colour loss.

Dyeing Fabric With Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

Try experimenting with different paint to water ratios, different fabrics and dying techniques for example dip dye and resist dye and send me your pictures!

If you would like to have a go at dyeing with my Chalk Furniture Paint and learn other fabric printing techniques then come along to my next Fabric Painting class 22 March 2019.  Book your place HERE.

Ellie B&Txx