It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Rosemary!

Rosemary, what can you do with the plant?

Here is a sneak peak at our journey in developing our fantastic new workshop.

Natural Dyeing With Rosemary

Liz and I had a great time together developing this new workshop.  It felt like we were conducting a beautiful science experiment. We had all the tools out; pulsers, beakers, pots and pans – and plenty of the delightfully scented herb, rosemary!

For our inspiration and some direction we used Sasha Duerr’s book ‘Natural Color’.

Sasha Duerr book Natural Color

We also had the chance to use rosemary that we grow in the garden right here at Blake & Taylor. 


It was a lot of fun experimenting with the different mordants to get it all just right to develop.  The mordant will be used as the resist element to create the pattern onto a linen cushion cover.

rosemary dyeing workshop

We place the mordant on the fabric using our printing screens.  It is good because it has a fabulous and crisp result.

rosemary dyeing workshop

rosemary dyeing workshop

The mordant will act as a resist so that when the piece of fabric is submersed into the dye bath, that section of the fabric is not effected by the dye.  Hence, all the remaining part of the fabric takes on the colour of the rosemary dye.

dyeing rosemary

Next, we boil the rosemary in a large pot to create the dye.

dyeing rosemary

Once the dye is ready, we submerge the fabric.

dyeing rosemary

You can see how the fabric has resisted the dye just where we’ve placed the mordant.

dyeing rosemary

stitch pattern

Then, we highlighted the details of the design using fabric pens and a running stitch pattern.  Plus, to give some 3 dimension we added some ribbon to the bow by hand stitching.

After our experimentation, note taking and perfecting of our project, we spent a lot of time thoughtfully writing the program for this new workshop.  We are so excited to take our first group of workshop attendees through the process and leave them with a gorgeous cushion to take home!

Liz will be teaching the first one of these workshops this Saturday 16 September 2017 starting at 9.30am.

To find out more details and to book your place now, click here!

Come and spend the day with Liz playing with rosemary and learning something new. 

Ellie B&T




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