How many times has that gravy boat been passed around at a fantastic feast where jokes and laughter and warmth are shared?  And how many times has old Oncle Pierre told his long-winded tales of grandeur again?


Treasures from France

We have received some more vintage French treasures, straight off the boat from France.  How divine!  I have been launched into a mini-dream-land inspired by all of these pieces, that I found in France, and my love of old things.


french treasures


Vintage wares and antiques have always enamoured me.  They have lived a life often solitary, or stationary, tucked away in a drawer or in the corner.  These vintage wares are always watching, listening, and just being through the fibres of their very existence.

These wares don’t strive.  They don’t yearn, they don’t even judge (or do they?).   I imagine they just are.  And if they could speak – I would love to hear the stories they would tell.

How many first dance dresses have adorned these old ‘dollies’?


french treasures

French treasures


How many vintage drawers have stored someone’s secret contraband, or heard lover’s quarrels and silently observed?


french treasures


Objects have a deep and valuable place in our lives.  We give them meaning when they share in our lives and our stories.  They carry our history.  They give clues to what has been important in our lives.

This is why I love old things.  I want to carry on their story.  So a heartfelt thank you to these sets of drawers for renewed inspiration and a chance to carry on and add to a piece of their story!


Ellie B&Txx