This hutch and pine chair have been sitting at my house for a while now both waiting for a lick of paint! Rather than tackle the project like I usually do painting at my home, I decided to work on this furniture paint makeover project at the Blake & Taylor store instead.  It was a bit tricky finding the space but it worked and lots of customers were interested to see how the paint works up close and personal.  For this furniture paint makeover I decided on Dove Grey for the hutch and Duck for the chair, knowing exactly which fabric I would use to recover it.  So here is how it was all done.


Here is the chair before painting, stripped bare and in need of a good clean with metho.  I removed the seat ready to be reupholstered.

I used the 25mm brush this time as the chair isn’t that big so I found it easier to get between those spindles and slats across the back.  Two coats later it was looking fabulous!

furniture paint makeover

I then sealed it with the Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat to make sure it doesn’t chip or mark.  I left the chair to cure for a few days whilst the chair seat was being recovered. We had so many comments in store about the beautiful Duck colour.  I think I might do a few more pieces with it soon!

At the same time I decided to tackle the hutch.  I removed all the handles as I had in mind some lovely rustic looking ones which would suit the makeover perfectly.  Another good clean to remove dust and dirt.  After removing the handles I needed to fill in the holes as the new ones didn’t quite fit in the same position.  I used Selleys Spackfilla and left this to dry overnight.  Once it was dry, a quick sand was all that was needed to tidy the area up ready for painting.

furniture paint makeover

I decided to use Dove Grey for this piece of furniture.  It is a lovely soft light grey and I knew it would look great!  A 50mm brush was better suited for this project because of the size of the hutch.  Two coats of the Chalk Furniture Paint and then sealed with the Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat.  The last finishing touch was to add the new handles.  I love their rusted worn effect!

furniture paint makeover

So a few hours of painting and a new seat for the chair, both are finished and looking great in the shop.

furniture paint makeover furniture paint makeover


furniture paint makeover


If you would like to try a project yourself, come into the Blake & Taylor store and we will be happy to show you all the different colours and talk you through how easy the paint is to use.

If you have fallen in love with either my new chair or hutch contact the store for more details.  They are looking for a fabulous new home!

Ellie B&Txx