Does anyone remember your youthful excitement at the prospect of a grab-bag?   They were those bags full of random candy and surprises you might have received at the end of a birthday party like these handmade scented hearts.  You might spy them sitting on a table at the beginning of the event and wonder for those two hours what magic was in store if you did indeed receive one.  The possibilities were endless and amazing!  Your imagination would run wild.

Well, we are all grown up now and that feeling is few and far between.  But in one small way, I want to afford you the tiniest glimpse of that feeling again, though it will never be quite the same through Handmade Scented Hearts.

Handmade Scented Hearts

I’ve been happily sewing together some handmade scented hearts.  Crafted with vintage fabrics; finished with ribbon, buttons and decorative stitching; and filled with “nose-gleeing” potpourri.

All are similar, but each is unique and I am selling them grab-bag style!

Handmade Scented Hearts

What does this mean?  For each purchase, I will choose which lovely handmade heart/s at random to send to its new home.

It is the little surprises that keep life interesting, am I right?

Ellie B&Txx