Inspiration Found in the Most Curious of Places

I found inspiration in one of the most curious of places!

It should not be surprising that the place we honour the dead is full of incredible craftsmanship. And its design is indeed ‘full’ of care. Though somehow it is still surprising! Perhaps we can blame Hollywood for how they portray cemeteries. These incredible spaces that celebrate such an important part of the circle of life appear dark and creepy to most people.  Furthermore, that makes enjoying cemeteries somehow seem morbid.

cemetery headstones

Inspiration is Everywhere!

On one of my recent trips to France, I found great delight in wandering the cemetery in an old French village.  It is filled with intricately carved headstones.  Each is carefully sculpted into beautiful patterns. Many of them are weakened from years in the sun and storms.  The headstones are chosen with care by grieving families. And these are crafted with thought by skillful masons. It makes me think, “Who were these families?  What kind of life was led by the persons these stones represents?

Generally, I was enthralled.  I realized that perhaps it has something to do with my prolific sense of nostalgia.  If you’ve been following the Blake & Taylor Blog, you’ll find that I have a fascination with old things. And I am really mesmerized with the stories such old things harbour.

cemetery stone walls

old French village cemetery

Continuing on in my nostalgic revelations, I walked the cobblestone streets of the old French village.  Again I felt fascination while thinking of the effort put into laying each stone by hand. I also felt astonishment on how they fit each together in yet another inspiring pattern.  Ultimately, the richness of history is overwhelming.  

In addition, the churches has fascinating shapes in their architecture and embellishments. There are iron that are delicately woven into charming faux-balconies.  Indeed, everywhere I looked there is something brimming with soul and spirit to fill my well of inspiration. 

old French village cemetery streets

old French village cemetery designs

Moreover, as I return to Brisbane, I am bringing with me the inspiration I found in that unique place. With excitement, I took these shapes, patterns, and nostalgic feelings into the work I do and new projects around the corner. 

By all means, I am eager to share with you what I come up with! Hence, that is something you should be watching out.

Ellie B&Txx