An Internet Password Journal that I have recently come across is something I want to share with you. It has instantly become one of my ‘Must Haves’.

In this mdoern life, there is nothing more frustrating than revisiting a webpage and find that you have forgotten your username, password, and worst – both!  I am sure this happens to all of us more than a few times.  We sit there, desperately trying to remember if we used the password with a capital ‘P’ or a lower case. Then we try again for a couple of times if it’s the one with our husband’s birth date, or maybe it was our daughter’s.  We might combat it by keeping very few password variations, or letting Google or Safari keep our password logged.  But in the “Age of the Hacker”, neither of these practices are ideal.  

internet password journal

Good thing, I stumbled upon this Internet Password Journal. When I discovered this Internet Password Journal I was very impressed.

What is Inside this Internet Password Journal?

This internet password journal is pocket-sized.  It is so great because despite its small size it is properly divided into four sections.  This journal keeps track and stores all of your information: website usernames and passwords, software license information, wireless network settings and notes.  

With this journal you can keep all your web and software information in one easy location. So you won’t have to dig through paperwork or old e-mails the next time your computer asks you for that 16-digit password you have totally forgotten about.  No more need to click on the “Forgot your password?” button! 

In the front of the book there are also some great safety tips on how to construct usernames and passwords that will be secure.  It is a timely and valuable resource in the “Age of the Hacker.”  This essential notebook maintains your personal and financial safety.  It records the necessarily complex passwords and login names required to thwart hackers, identity thieves, and other online criminals.

internet password journal

In addition, it has a great feature that I am loving a lot.  This journal has numerous tabbed alphabetical pages to make looking up a website address and its corresponding log-in(s) and password(s) easy to manage.  Each entry has multiple locations to note new/changed log-ins or passwords, notes about creating secure usernames and passwords, and some internet safety tips.  It also includes space to record software and hardware license numbers, home and business network settings, and more. 

The cover looks good!

And, if you are wondering about that gorgeous botanical print front cover–it is designed by Mia Charro. She is an illustrator and lover of fine arts and nature!  Her past work includes collaborations with companies like Better Homes and Gardens and Trader Joe’s.

With this beautiful journal, you can create and keep unique and difficult passwords and log-in names with ease!

Journal Specs  |  128 pages |  11 x 15.5 x 1.5 cms 

You can buy one of these amazing Internet Password Journals now from my online store.