I think we can all relate to the following situation.  You have grand plans for a space in your home.  You might even purchase some of the elements to fulfill this plan and spend a few sleepless nights dreaming of how great it will look once finished.  Then, days, months, (years?) might go by and your life has decided to fill itself up with other tasks.  Or, let’s be honest, you let life get in the way.

This is a photo of a French-style bronze light fitting that I have just had installed in our stair well at our home.  I had purchased this fitting over 6 months ago — yes 6 months! It is incredible how time flies, and, like a lot of things in my home (and I am guessing most of your homes as well) it just takes a while to get things done.

(Sidenote: This stairwell was actually originally a room before we took the floor out and put the stairs in. I call this window my ‘Playschool Window’.)

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French Fitting in my ‘Playschool’ Window

As it has been my habit to personify items from time to time, I can just imagine this poor light fixture sitting and waiting and waiting to be lifted into its true glory, wondering at each time I walked by just when Ellie might make the time.  I had these feelings as well each time I remembered the gorgeous light I had bought.  I would remember the excitement I had at reimagining this fixture in my space as opposed to the regal and opulent French entrances I had seen it pictured.

light fitting

French Fitting Inspiration Images

I am incredibly pleased that I finally organized to have my fixture installed.  When it was complete and I walked through the space I had a similar feeling to one you might have after cleaning out your closets.  You might think you are not bothered with everything tucked away and out of mind, but after you clean that closet out and re-organize, you realize that the mess was holding a tiny place of stress in the recesses of your brain. It feels so good to let that go.

This project made me realize that it is important to try to slow things down in my life and to make time to finish the spaces in my home.  We spend the majority of our lives in just a few spaces.  We may as well make them a priority so that when we enter we feel safe, complete, and relaxed.

So why not join me and make it your New Years resolution to try to slow things down in your life so that; light fittings do not wait around the house for 6 months before they are installed, so that the room that you were going to paint (because the existing paint is peeling off) gets painted, so that you finally choose and order the fabric to reupholster that thread-bare sofa, and that hall table that you have only half-painted finally becomes fully painted.

I am so pleased with myself for getting that light fitting installed that I am going to make it a priority in the new year to get to all the other decorating jobs I need to get done around out home completed before 2018 is out.

light fitting

Are you in love with the French light fitting as much as I am?

You are in luck! These light fittings are available to purchase through Blake & Taylor and come in 2 sizes. Contact me for details.

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