A quick and easy way to liven up your space is with a pop of colour.  Committing to a large project like painting a desk or a table can be intimidating when you are low on time and find yourself worried about taking on a large project.  We love painting smaller items that can be placed on a shelf in the bathroom for your cotton balls, on your kitchen counter with utensils or in your dining room with fresh flowers picked from your garden.  In this mason jar makeover, we use the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint that brings a renewed sense of fun into your home.  Paint your mason jars in brighter colours to bring in the sunshine and creativity or use neutral colours to bring in a vintage feel.

See our step by step instructions for the Mason Jar Makeover below and be sure to post your painted mason jars online so we can see how they transformed your space.

Mason Jar Makeover



  1. Use Methylated spirit and an old rag to wipe down the surface of the jars to make sure they are grease free and clean.
  2. I find the easiest way to paint these type of jars is flip them upside down and place them on your hand so you can rotate them easily as you paint.  2 coats is usually enough to achieve an opaque matt finish.
  3. The jars should be touch dry within about 30 minutes but I like to leave mine to dry overnight before distressing.
  4. Use your sand paper or sanding block to gently remove the paint in areas you would like to distress and age. These jars have a wonderful embossed lion motif and lettering.  Use a light swirling motion to sand away the paint. Wipe off any dust with a cloth.
  5. You can seal them either with the Blake & Taylor Natural Wax or my Clear Top Coat Satin Finish.  These jars were sealed with my Clear Top Coat to give them a more durable finish.

Don’t forget to email me your before and after photos of your projects so we can share them.

Ellie B&Txx