Over the years I have collected a number of old frames and mirrors with beautiful and intricate carving details.  I am always on the look out at vintage shops and flea markets to add to my collection.  I just love these old frames and decided to revamp them with some Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in New White and have them made into mirrors and ready for a new lease of life in my store.


Before photos

These frames and mirrors have been hidden away in my garage just waiting for the time to be transformed.  The first step was to remove the backing and glass from the frames and give them a good clean. Over the years they have collected dirt and grime so I decided to use Methylated spirits to cut through the dirt and grease.  Once clean and dry I also prepped the mirrors with masking tape to make them easier to paint.

I applied 2 – 3 coats of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in New White using our 25mm Synthetic Brush.  Because there is a lot of carved detail I took extra care not to apply the paint too thick and instead build up thin layers of paint to prevent drips forming.

I didn’t want to distress these frames and instead I just simply finished with a coat of the Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat Satin Finish.

The frames that originally had pictures in them were then sent off to the framers to have new mirrors put in.

Here are the results!  I am so pleased that I have managed to finally dig these out of hiding and they are now on the shop floor looking fresh and new!


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Ellie B&Txx