If you want to give a room a new lease of life especially your entrance or hallway, then my Chalk Furniture Paint is an easy DIY option.

Here is a cheats tip posted by Ugly Ducking House to make it simple and quick to do.

Preparation and Materials

Give the door a good clean with methylated spirit or sugar soap solution.  This will remove any old dirt and grease.  If there are areas of the door that have started to flake or have chipped paint it must be sanded to provide a smooth sound base to work on.  If the door is made from a timber that leaches tannins, you will need to apply a coat of a stain blocker.  Resene Zinsser water based stain blocker is ideal and is my favourite to use because it is water based.

Painter’s Tape Trick

If, like me, you are always in a hurry and want to get the job done, then this trick saves you time and effort and with no need to remove the door from its hinges.

Apply a good quality removable painters tape to the hinge and press down firmly paying attention to the edges of the hinge.  Then use an art knife and carefully trim around the edge. Now you can easily paint around the hinge.

Image Source – Ugly Ducking House

You can also use this method with the other door fixtures and fittings.  But here is another handy tip. Cover the hardware in aluminium foil. The foil moulds to the shape and stays firmly in place until you have finished painting.

Photo – Quentin Bacon

Final Step

After a few coats of Chalk Furniture Paint I would recommend Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat Satin Finish to seal the paint and give the door a durable satin finish.

So, if you feel brave enough to change up some sad looking doors in your home, then try any of the beautiful colours in the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture range.  My favourite colours for this type of project would be Kettle Green, Duck or Toulouse.

Please send me your before and after photos of any of your projects so that we can share them with others.

Ellie B&Txx