Beautiful Birds and Tearful Goodbyes…

I am back in Australia after my whirlwind tour of Europe.  I shed a tear saying goodbye to the gorgeous Parisian snowfall and was welcomed back, regretfully, by the 34-degree Australian heat.

This week I am shedding another tear as we say goodbye to Dana.  Dana has been working with us at Blake & Taylor for more than 6 years.  We cannot imagine anyone doing a better job in keeping our office upstairs together and in shape.  She was our organizer extraordinaire!

To celebrate Dana’s time spent with us we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon together at the Stamford for their Chocolate High Tea (and of course there was also some much-enjoyed champagne)!  It was so nice to spend time together as a team but really sad to say goodbye to Dana.  We shall all miss her, especially me.

Dana is off to spend a few months trekking the world in South America and then who knows what other fabulous places.  I wish for her to enjoy all the best experiences and greatest happiness in her future travels and endeavors.

Blake & Taylor Staff at Chocolate High Tea, Stamford

In other news, it may be no big secret that we all love the JDL Magazines here at Blake & Taylor.  We recently received the second issue in English for 2018 and it is safe to say we did not get much work done that day as we were all pouring over the pages – soaking in the inspiration.  Jane, one of our team, spotted this cute bird, which gave her the sparkling idea to get home and make one of her own.  Look how fabulous it turned out! mI am often humbled by the talents and creativity of my amazing staff.

JDL Magazine at Blake & Taylor, Jane's Bird Project

Jean d'Arc Living Magazine Bird Project from Blake & Taylor

I would love to see some of your favourite projects. Perhaps you will find some inspiration in the JDL magazine as well. We have got a few extra copies to share up on our webstore, so head to the link and grab one before they are gone!

Ellie B&Txx