Have you got some old cushion covers you need to revamp but can’t be bothered to dye them with fabric dye?   Then just reach for your Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint and in a few easy steps transform their look into something fresh and new.  Our Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint can be used on many types of fabric from cottons, linens, velvet and even leather!

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

You will need only a few materials to complete this project:

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint1. It is always best to dampen the fabric first.  I find the easiest way to do this is with a spray bottle.  Spray the front side of the cushion.

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

2. Thin your paint down a little by adding a bit of water.  This makes it easier to apply and prevents the fabric from drying to coarse and stiff.

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

3. Use a swirling motion with your brush for easy application.

4. Hold the fabric up to the light to check there are no areas you have missed that may need a touch up of paint.

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

5. Once you are happy with the coverage of paint, peg the cover out or lie flat and allow it to dry.

6. When the front side is fully dry you can paint the back. I like to place a piece of scrap fabric, card or thick paper in to the cover to prevent the water spray and paint seeping through to the front side whilst I paint.

The Finished Cushion

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

  • If you are happy with the look and feel of your cushion then you are all finished!  To help set the colour pop it in the dryer or iron on the wrong side.  This prevents the colour fading when washing.
  • For a more rustic worn finish and to soften the fabric you can put it on a warm wash straight away without setting with heat first.
  • You may want to apply a thin coat of wax once your paint has dried.  This will help soften the feel.  Apply with a clean lint free cloth and buff.  Once it is dry allow it to cure for a few days.


  • If you are painting over a patterned fabric you may need more than one coat.
  • Be mindful that the paint will change the colour of your fabric but not necessarily block out a strong pattern.
  • It might be best to do a patch test if you are painting fabric for the first time.

  • Painting fabric with the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint is not the same as dyeing and therefore will make the fabric a little stiffer and firmer than it was previously.

  • To prevent the fabric from drying too stiff try a light sand between each layer with a fine grade sand paper.  Make sure you clear away any dust before applying your next coat of paint or wax.

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Ellie B&Txx