Over the years I have put together many vintage collections of some of my favourite treasures or just lovely pieces that have caught my eye. It is a not-so-secret passion of mine. Nostalgia should be my middle name!

I feel that time gives objects a soul,  especially on objects which clearly looks created with care and cherished by their owners. You can spot it almost right away if an object has been loved or not. When I see such a special piece I have to scoop it up and add it to my collection

Vintage hats have always been a favourite collectible of mine. With each one I find I imagine the life and stories that has surrounded its existence. I imagine the women who wore them and what special events they attended, how they may have inspired envy amongst their owners friends, or created a sparkle in the eye of a suitor. I can imagine the joy inspired by each careful piece.

My Vintage Hats Looking for New Homes

Every so often I feel the need to share parts of these collections onto others to pass along that enjoyment and pleasure I have found to the next careful owner.

It is now time for my Vintage Hats to find new homes and be loved anew. Here are a few pictures of the hats that will be for sale in store this week.

The majority of this collection of hats are made in the USA. Some of them dating back to the early 1920’s, or, ‘the Roaring Twenties’. This was a time of musical innovation, along with dramatic social and political change in the country. It was also the age of the ‘flapper’, a forward thinking woman with a cigarette in hand and a quirky hat to complete her short bobbed hairstyle and French-styled dress.

As the hats are vintage some are in a more perfect condition than others, but all are wearable and still make a very stylish statement. The circumference of each is between 52 and 55cm.

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have over the years.

Ellie B&Txx