We’ve just got to show off our customer’s amazing quilts!


It is the ultimate honour to have such amazing customers. So it’s time to brag and sing some praise for this lovely lady and her quilts that can only be considered works-of-art.  Meet one of our wonderful and talented customers, Lynn Houghton.


Lyn Houghton Quilt Boro Blake Taylor


Lynn is one of those people that just knocks my socks off with her creativity and talent.  Her work is filled with soul.  She has stitched this quilt completely by hand using vintage fabrics.  In the true essence and spirit of quilting, Lynn has incorporated fabrics into this quilt that have meaning to her.  Objects are so much richer when they house the meaning and sentiment we put into them.


Lyn Houghton Quilt Australia


On the back of these pieces, Lynn has written where they have come from to be able to keep them in her memory and also to pass on to others.  How incredible is it to have an object like this to carry a piece of your family’s history?  We don’t often realize how our textiles can inhabit such a personal space in our lives. They clothe us, and keep us warm.  These textiles get closer to us than any other physical thing.  They carry the stories of our lives within their fibres.  Lynn has captured this within her work.  Below is a piece of an embroidered sheet that came from her mother and father.




Another piece that Lynn has completed is this amazing ‘Boro’ slow stitched quilt.

You can learn more about this ancient stitching technique here.

I’ve also done a few Boro style projects myself!

Feel free to have a look here.


Lyn Houghton Boro Textile Quilt


So Much Love for our Customer, Lynn!


You can really see the love and dedication in Lynn’s craft.  Her work is exquisite and the result of thousands of hours of stitching.  It takes true patience and soulful enjoyment of your art form to dedicate that amount of time.  We are so excited you are a part of our community Lynn!

Does anyone else have a quilt they have put together with sentimental pieces of fabric?  I’d love to see them!

Comment below or email images and your story to blakeandtaylor@bigpond.com


Ellie B&Txx