Crocheted Bag using Linen Twine and strips of Vintage French Linen dyed with Indigo

Crocheted Bag Linen Twine Indigo Handmade

It was a lot of fun making this crocheted bag. I used one of my all time favourite fibers – a Linen Twine  to create the majority of this bag.

It was also an excitement to me as I incorporate some of my stash of vintage fabric into the design. These are the blue linen stripes that I dyed with indigo when we had made up one of our vats at the shop for one of our workshops. (You can learn more about dyeing with natural indigo or Rosemary at one of our Blake & Taylor Workshops!)

To tie in with the indigo I also dyed the leather that I used for the shoulder strap. What do you think? I have put this bag into our online web store if you are interested.



Crocheted Bag Linen Twine Indigo Handmade

It is such great fun to design and make new things but just as important is it to improvise as you go along because improvisation can sometimes turn simple projects into great projects. This may take you out of your comfort zone as it involves risk, but what have you got to lose?

Some of us find it more relaxing and satisfying to stick to a pattern and do what is expected knowing what the end result will look like. Many find comfort in this and there is nothing wrong with that!

But, think of those creative people we admire and exalt. They are the risk-takers, and the improvisers. They know they cannot guarantee the outcome, but they do something courageous and out of the ordinary in spite of this.

Improvisation is where magic happens. This is where the human spirit soars and where life takes on a giddy sparkle. It takes those moments where we just ‘wing-it’ to show us more of who we are and what we are capable of. It is so satisfying!

Now I understand I am just talking crochet here, but I feel it still relates. Why not elevate the simple satisfaction of taking those little risks and finding enjoyment in creating something all your own? Perhaps the more little risks we take, the easier the bigger ones will become.

So, have faith in your ideas and let them come out. You might surprise yourself.

Ellie B&Txx

Crocheted Handmade Linen Twine Bag Blake & Taylor