We are halfway through spring in lovely Brisbane and I am thinking a lot about Spring Gardening and how to make my garden an absolute haven that will last through the spring season and into summer!

It is my goal to have as many lovely stitching and garden parties while the weather is beautiful – so I am spending a little time each day watering, weeding, and genuinely giving my beautiful plants the attention and love they need.

Spring is also the absolute best time to plant a little vegetable patch so you have a crop of fresh, organic vegetables you can pick and eat in time for the heat of summer.

I spend so much time in my garden at this time of year that I have stocked some products that I know you will absolutely love and will make your gardening all that much more enjoyable and pleasant.

$159.95 | Blake & Taylor

This linen dress is the absolute perfect piece to wear to stay cool and comfortable while you tend to your garden. It is breathable and even has cute and flattering buttons and easy to roll sleeves, making it the perfect piece for an afternoon in the sun. I have stocked it in a few colours so you can choose the most flattering option that suits you!

Spring gardening

$99.00 | Blake & Taylor

This lovely hat is also a gardening wardrobe staple. It is so important to stay protected from the sun’s rays and this hat does that while also being fashionable and flattering. This straw hat is  handmade in Madagascar and crocheted with natural raffia. It has a beautiful large brim and features a raffia string tie around the base and a woven band on the inside for perfect fit and comfort. I know you will absolutely love it.

Spring gardening

$20.00 | Blake & Taylor

My absolute favourite way to spend time in my garden is with friends and family. I love planning beautiful afternoon garden parties. It is a ritual that brings people together with lovely food, champagne or tea and friendship. The Book of Afternoon Tea is a wonderful resource for recipes and ideas for planning your own tea party!  A cup of tea with dainty sandwiches, scones and scrumptious cakes magically makes any day special. This book has over 80 classic and modern recipes – not to mention a quirky look at how afternoon tea was taken in the past – this is the perfect guide to a quintessentially British ritual.

I hope these things will help make your days in the garden more enjoyable and comfortable. Most of all, I hope you’ll find time to relax and unwind among the flowers and plants you have lovingly cared for.  I truly believe gardening is one of the best pastimes to bring calm to a busy life and schedule.

Ellie B&Txx