A Simple Staircase Makeover

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After 8 years we decided to complete a simple staircase makeover in our home.  It needed a quick revamp and a new look for 2018.  With only half a day’s elbow grease, our staircase was transformed with a faux painted runner! Stairs Make-overmake-over
One of the advantages of the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint range is that you can mix the paints together to create your own unique colour.  This is exactly what I decided to do for our staircase.  I used a combination of, Steel Grey, Ink Navy, Charcoal and New White to create this stunning new hue.
staircase makeover

Staircase Makeover – How we did it – The prep

After years of wear and tear a little sanding was needed to even out any scratches.  The staircase was then given a good clean with methylated spirits to remove any dirt and grease to create the perfect surface to start painting.  This step is really important to achieve a good paint finish.  Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint can be easily washed up with water and you can mop up any spills along the way, so make sure you have a few wet cloths handy just in case.
I kept the outside of the steps white by masking off 100mm in from each edge creating a lovely border.  I hope this proves that even simple choices can really add some nice interest to a project.  Make sure you use a good quality ‘no leak’ masking tape to keep your paint edges neat and tidy.
staircase makeover

Staircase Makeover – How we did it – The paint

Using the Blake & Taylor 25mm synthetic bristle brush, two coats of paint was applied and left to dry.  Staircases are a high traffic area so I applied 3 coats of Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat Satin Finish to help protect and seal the paint.  And voila, there you have it, a perfect new look in less than half a day!
If you want to infuse some new life into your home but don’t quite know where to start, I encourage you to find a small achievable project and just go for it.  We can spend a lot of time ‘umming’ and ‘arrhing’, wondering if this or that will really look good until we convince ourselves out of it.  So do not think too much or too complicated.  Pick up a can or two of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint and just get going!
Ellie B&Txx
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