It is not just myself who likes to be creative and bring old unloved pieces back to life.  One of my staff, Kerena, recently completed this lampshade makeover using chunky natural string purchased from here in the store.

The original lampshade has undergone two makeovers now.  The first transformation was done using Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in Blush Pink.  As lovely as the colour was, Kerena decided it was time for a change and it needed a more natural rustic look to compliment her vintage ceramic base.

Armed with just a few materials and an hour or so in front of the TV she has completely changed the look and style.  

Here’s how she did it.



Chunky string (cotton, linen or hemp work best for a more natural rustic look) Kerena used approximately 40metres for this size shade.

Pegs or clips

Glue – Kerena used Aquadhere but a glue gun would work just as well.

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in Blush Pink for String Lampshade Makeover

Step 1

Make sure you start and glue close to the seam, applying the glue direct to the shade and then begin to wrap.  Hold the first initial rows in place with pegs or hair clips whilst the glue dries.

Step 2

Keep glueing and wrapping making sure you keep the string neat and compact to avoid any of the shade showing through and the lines becoming uneven.

Step 3

Preferably try to finish off the same way you started by cutting the string and gluing as closely to the seam as you can.  Simple as that!  Sit in front of the TV with your favourite show and a cup of tea (or wine!) and spend an hour or so creating something fabulous.

Ellie B&Txx