Over the years, I have collected a vast collection of art prints, paintings, and photographs and one of my favourite ways to display all my favourite pieces is with a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is the perfect solution for displaying a large mix of unique pieces, and if you have a large space over a sofa or in a hallway you have the perfect location to create an artistic and original display.

There are endless arrangements and possibilities when preparing to bring your gallery wall to life!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a consistent colour palette.
  • Find a mixture of art pieces, like paintings, prints, and photographs.
  • Choose one or two larger, feature pieces to build your gallery wall around.
  • Map out frames by tracing over a sheet of paper and tacking it to your wall – this way you can map out exactly where your pieces will go when you hang them and you can make adjustments before you start tapping in nails!
  • Arrange pieces with a similar distance between frames.
  • Hang your feature piece or pieces at eye level.

Finding the perfect pieces for your gallery wall can take time and patience.  One of my passions is to help you discover beautiful art pieces and prints through the work I have collected over the years.  I am so excited to share these prints with you.

These lovely watercolour prints are by artist Elizabeth Jackson from the UK.  Each stunning image is printed on high quality linen paper, and the printing technique makes the comparison between the original painting and prints uncanny.  These pieces would look absolutely stunning in a gallery wall next to a minimalistic print or drawing.

I also adore these prints with the original oil paintings by Frances Ianarella from New York City.  These prints bring a touch of luxury and deep, rich colours and would be the perfect feature piece in your gallery wall.

I have created a template to help you create your very own gallery wall that follows a more geometric structure! But you can experiment with your own pieces and find the perfect arrangement that works for your space.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE! 

Styling the Perfect Gallery Wall


I really can’t wait to see how you style your own, unique gallery.  Send in your photos of your completed display so we can share them and inspire others!

Ellie B&Txx