Timber  Mirror Makeover Timber Mirror  Makeover Timber  Mirror  Makeover Timber  Mirror Makeover Timber  Mirror  

Quick, easy, beautiful?  Yes, please!  I am excited to share with you another fantastically simple project completed in only a few hours using my Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint.  Timber Mirror Makeover

This mirror in my daughter’s old bedroom was previously painted with the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in Turquoise.  My daughter has outgrown this space and is moving to another room in the house.  Her new room — and this gorgeously ornate mirror — are now ready for a makeover.

Timber mirror makeover 'before' images

How I did it – The Prep

I gave the mirror a good clean with methylated spirits and an old cloth.  

If you are working with similar carved detail make sure you remove any dust that might be sitting in the nooks and corners.  A dry paint brush is always great to do this job.

 It is really important to have a good clean surface before painting. 

Using a good quality, no leak, masking tape I taped around the edges of the mirror to make painting the frame quick and easy without the need to cut in with my brush.  

All Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paints are water soluble so if you do happen to splash a bit of paint onto the surface of the mirror just quickly wipe it up with a wet cloth.  If it has dried on to the surface gently scrape or pick it off with care making sure you do not scratch the mirror.

Timber mirror makeover prepping the mirror

How I did it – The Paint

I decided to try one of our newest colours in the Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint range and opted for Sage Green.

Once the frame was clean, taped and ready for painting I applied one coat of the Sage Green Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint.  

My paint dries quickly so rather than wash out my brush between coats, I simply wrapped it in a wet cloth.  This prevents the paint and brush from drying out and I can then reuse it to apply my second coat.  

The first coat was touch dry and ready for re-coating after only 10 minutes.  

To really bring out the ornate detail of the mirror I thought I would add some interest with a little gold leaf to make this mirror really stand out.  ‘What do you think?’

In order to seal the paint and the gold leaf and also to protect it from marking I applied one coat of Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat Satin Finish.

timber mirror makeover 'after' images

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial.  If you would like to learn more about painting with my Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint checkout out upcoming Paint Workshops where you get to experiment with all of the 14 colours, the whitewash, waxes and Clear Top Coat with different paint finishes and techniques.   We guide you through everything and we also serve a delicious morning tea.

Ellie B&Txx

To have a look at the Paint Workshops click this link.