Gorgeous Watercolour Paintings by a Fellow Creative…

watercolour artist Liz Jackson for Blake & Taylor

Watercolour makes my heart sing, and so does this fabulous artist.  I am so very honoured to introduce you all to Liz Jackson.  She is an incredibly talented watercolour artist from the UK who is now a resident here in Australia.

Something tells me that many of you already know her because she has been working with me at Blake & Taylor for the past 5 years.

Working alongside talented artists is always a joy to me.  I live from the idea that it is of great advantage to surround oneself with good and talented people.

“Surround yourself with talented people who will challenge you, help you grow and inspire you to maximize your potential.”  John C. Maxwell

Creatives can often get tied up in feelings of competition, creating ourselves an island where our egos can reign supreme. In this we can miss out on deepening our skills and expression.  We can also miss out on great connections with like-minded souls who enjoy creating beauty in this world just as much as we do.  Liz has been one such soul for me.

Liz is now on maternity leave to have her 2nd child and although we miss her dearly at the shop we couldn’t be more excited for the new life she is bringing into this world.

Before Liz left, she and I worked together to create 8 beautiful artworks. Our collaboration was effortless.  I styled and photographed some gorgeous scenes.  Liz then used the images as a reference to create her beautiful watercolour artworks.

watercolour paintings by Liz KJackson

watercolour paintings by Liz Jackson for Blake and Taylor

I am so delighted at how they turned out.  I now have a lovely collection of them hanging throughout my home!

If you would also like to have a print or two to liven up your home or any other special place you can imagine, click the link below to have a look at my web store.  Each print is available in a few select sizes.  The prints are luxe and quality (I have a hard time determining the prints from the originals!).  I am sure they will look fantastic in your home.

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