How to Make a Beautiful Herb Garden Using an Old Wooden  Basket

We have made this great video for you to watch on how we made over this timber basket!

Wooden Flower Basket Makeover

It was so much fun transforming this old flower basket into a magnificent herb garden.  I am just so thrilled with the end result and wanted to share this Flower basket makeover with you!

Materials Used

The first thing I did was protect the inside of the timber flower basket by applying a coat of Weather Seal to the timber.  This will prevent any moisture seeping into the timber from the plants or outdoor elements such as rain.

The next step we did was apply two coats of my Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in New White.  New White is a favourite colour of many because it adds that bright clean, simple yet beautiful look to objects.

Next, we decided to put three Sage stripes on the timber box to add a little fun character.  To accomplish this, we used a no leak painters tape.  I measured the middle of the box and marked it with a pencil.  I wanted to do a wide stripe of sage down the middle and on both sides put a narrower stripe of the same lovely sage green.

You can decide how wide or thin, and how many stripes you want using a measuring tape, pencil and masking tape.

Once my lines were all measured and I placed the tape down, I was able to use my 25 mm round paintbrush to paint the sage green on.   Keep in mind that the space under the tape will be left white and the spaces between the tape will be what you paint Sage Green.

Once the paint is dry, I will peel off the tape to reveal my three stripes.  When peeling off painters tape, never pull upwards, always pull the tape down onto itself.  This helps to get those crisp and clean lines and avoid having to fix up any paint that may have leaked.

Once everything is dry, apply a coat of Clear Top Coat which will help to seal everything perfectly.

I filled my new herb planter up with a few pots of my favourite herbs, lettuces and marigolds ( for a punch of colour, of course).  I added some coconut fiber on top to cover up my pots and add some fun texture.

Look how beautiful this herb garden is!  Email us at with your makeover photos to be featured on our blog or social media!  This timber basket is now for sale at Blake & Taylor if you would like to use it at your home for your herb garden.  Contact the store –

Ellie B&Txx